What You Need to Know Before Buying a UTV


UTVs have become popular not just for work but for play as well. The versatility of these vehicles makes them smoothly switch between hauling farm equipment and cruising on a getaway. Whatever your need is, a UTV can handle the task.

Before you start looking to buy a utility task vehicle, you first need to consider the following questions:

What Is a Utility Task Vehicle?

A Utility Task Vehicle, also called Utility Terrain Vehicles, Utility Type Vehicle, or “Side-by-Side” vehicle, is generally used in agricultural, construction, and industrial settings but can also be used for leisure purposes. UTVs can be four- or six-wheelers and typically have a bed that allows you to haul equipment.

Gas, Diesel, or Electric?

UTVs can run on either gas, diesel, or electricity. The majority of UTVs run on gasoline, making them easier to find, but diesel and electric each have their benefits.

UTVs that run on diesel are considered more robust and durable as they are designed to haul heavy loads. Of course, diesel UTVs can’t compete with gasoline-powered models when it comes to speed, but if your goal is to transport large amounts of equipment, diesel might be the best fit.

Electric models struggle with heavier duty work as it tends to drain the battery faster, and recharging mid-haul might be problematic. However, electric-powered UTVs has the advantage of reduced noise and maintenance, as it doesn’t need oil filters, fuel filters, or spark plugs.

How Strong Is the Engine?

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy a UTV for leisure or work, the strength of the engine will always be a deciding factor. The power might be measured in cubic centimeters, horsepower, or both. While cubic centimeters and horsepower aren’t directly comparable, higher numbers mean more power for both these measurements.

If you are only looking for a leisure vehicle, you can get away with a lighter machine, but if you are thinking of using your UTV for anything more than light field cultivation, you’ll need a powerful engine. If your engine can’t handle the job, you’ll put a strain on your UTV, which could lead to damage.

What Parts Are Needed?

If this vehicle is essential to your work, you’ll need to know how to pick the best UTV parts for it. Because of their versatile nature, many parts and accessories are available to choose from. Unfortunately, you can’t use just any part on any vehicle, so it’s important to find out if the parts you want fit on your desired UTV.

Buying a UTV Made Easy

There are a lot of options available when looking to buy a utility task vehicle, but if you remember to consider your needs and how that affects which type of UTV you should purchase, then you’ll be golden.

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