What You Need to Do When You Hit 50

Hitting the big 5-0 is a fear of many. They think that it’s such an old age that they’d feel very limited by everything. But hey, we all grow old eventually, and it’s rather pointless to look at aging negatively. Getting on in years is by no means a negative experience, as a matter of fact, you get to experience new things- things that are fun and interesting.

Here’s a quick list of things you should start doing when you hit 50, especially if you like enjoying life:

Lift Heavier Weights

Here’s something that many 50-year-olds think is left for the young bucks: lifting heavy. Getting to 50 doesn’t mean you should stop going to the gym or start lifting less weight. In reality, it’s best for older people to lift heavier weights as it promotes good muscular and skeletal strength. It keeps the body active and prevents the atrophying of the muscle. So next time you drop by the gym, don’t be afraid to try lifting heavily again. As long as you’re executing the proper form and do not go over your limit.

Sort Out Your Finances (and Retirement Fund)

There’s only a couple of years left- if you haven’t sorted out your finances yet, now is the time. Start looking into investment options with a considerably large pay-out. Buy and hold a blue-chip stock. Maybe even get into cryptocurrency. Or trade currencies. Do whatever you find appropriate to bolster your retirement fund- and don’t forget to set up your retirement fund. You want to live a hassle-free life in your older age, and to do that you need to start now.

Make a Will 

Getting to 50 means you’re not getting any younger. While the end of the line isn’t that close just yet, it’s best to get everything ready, especially if you’re one to live an adventurous and active life. Plan your estate and will; this will help your loved ones in the event of your sudden passing and allows you to guarantee and guard whoever receives it. It might sound morbid or rude, but the simple truth is we don’t exactly have full control of our life. We hit the magic half-century age, but it’s best to be wise about the whole ordeal.

Start Dressing Wise

If there’s anything that being 50 should tell you, it should tell you to start dressing better. And not just dress the most fashionably you can, but start dressing the wiser. You don’t have to look young and attractive- that’s for the young folks. Being 50 means you have had a lot of experience in life, and don’t be afraid to show that. Dress in a regal way, one that gives off a sense of elegance and refinement. Wear dress shoes, iron pants, a good shirt- it’s not about looking “old”, it’s about looking dignified and respectable.

Find a New Hobby

We just talked about looking “dignified and respectable”, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about fun. And speaking of which, something you must definitely do is to find a new hobby and enjoy it. Or pick up an old hobby and dive headfirst back into it. Hobbies nowadays often form small communities and subcultures, and it’s best to join them as well. Not only do you have a hobby that you enjoy, but you also get to have people to enjoy it with.

Learn a New Skill

While you’re enjoying a new hobby, why not pick up a new skill or two? They say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, but not this old dog. Learning a new skill is a great way to keep your mental faculties sharp by keeping them active. It’s also a fun activity, as you’ll feel young again, what with having to process information and learn new things. Learning is a lifelong activity, and to stop learning is akin to dying- perhaps that’s why the geniuses of history live a long life.

Keep a Journal (or Video Log)

You’ve probably lived through an interesting life. What’s better than documenting how you lived your life and setting it on paper (or video!). It’s not about writing with the intent to publish, instead, write with the intent to express. Writing or keeping a vlog is a great way to release pent-up emotions, and it’s also a great way to cherish memories.

Putting your experiences and memories on paper or on video helps create a sense of permanence- and that you will never forget those precious memories.

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