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What is Sambrani dhoop and how does it benefit your home?

Sambrani Dhoop is as old and as common in India as Incense sticks or Agarbattis. Sambrani Dhoop are incense blocks usually in shapes like cones or pillars or cups that burn on charcoal and produce a calming, sweet fragrance. Sambrani Dhoop sticks are also known as Loban sticks or Benzoin Resin which comes from the Benzoin tree that is popularly found in parts of Asia.

Sambrani Dhoop is known for its distinctively tranquil, temple-like fragrance that is widely used during praying. Today, Sambrani Dhoop sticks come in many forms and scents, each as stunning as the one before. 

What is the main purpose of Sambrani Dhoop sticks?

Lighting Sambrani Dhoop sticks during prayer time or festivals or during meditation is a common ritual among Indians. This is done to spread the feeling of holiness and evoke concentration and devotion and Sambrani Dhoop sticks bring out just that with their exhilarating and enchanting fragrance. 

Using Sambrani Dhoop sticks while praying or meditating can help improve your concentration and let you communicate with God. It creates a religious environment that is so pious that your mind can rest at ease and pray to the Almighty.

Benefits of using Sambrani Dhoop Sticks?

Sambrani Dhoop sticks can reduce heart rate and issues like stress and anxiety with their fragrance and enhance concentration. This gives rise to more calm and positive environments that can lead to positive attitudes. 

Sambrani Dhoop sticks are made from natural materials and their fragrances come from natural flowers and herbs. Hence, they also work as room fresheners as their fragrance can help bring life to any and every room. 

The natural herbs and flowers used in Sambrani Dhoop sticks, when burned also act as insect repellents and keep mosquitoes away. This makes for a clearer, safer and undisturbed environment for families. Sambrani Dhoop sticks can be used in homes, and offices alike.

What is the proper way to use Sambrani Dhoop sticks?

To avail of its benefits, using Sambrani Dhoop sticks the right way is important. Since it is made from charcoal, which is flammable, one must make sure to keep away from flammable surfaces/ things like cloth and paper etc. The proper way to use a Sambrani Dhoop stick is to light one end of the stick with a matchstick and let it burn till the tip glows orange. Then put off the flame and place it carefully on a holder. Sambrani Dhoop sticks produce ash after burning which can be hot if they fall on skin, so one must make sure to be quick and efficient while lighting a stick.

Which is a good Sambrani Dhoop sticks product in the market?

Mangaldeep Sambrani Dhoop sticks are one of the most favourable dhoop sticks in India. Long-lasting, safe and filled with the enrapturing fragrances of Amber, Sandalwood, Musk and Geranium, Mangaldeep Sambrani Dhoop sticks will enhance any environment they are used in. 

Mangaldeep Sambrani Dhoop sticks are perfect for daily pujas as well as festivities. They create positive and pious environments that awaken spirituality in homes.  Mangaldeep Sambrani Dhoop sticks create positive energy that helps devotees converse with God, and help you attain peace. If you want a tranquil and spiritual home or space, Mangaldeep Sambrani Dhoop sticks are the answer for you!