What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Just as there are different types of doctors, there are also different types of pharmacies, one of which is the compounding pharmacy. As a patient, it is best to understand what these pharmacies are and how they can help you when you go in for a visit with a prescription for medication.

The Things a Compounding Pharmacy Can Do for You

If you understand just how a compounding pharmacy can help you, you are more likely to pay one a visit. Here is a short list of some of the things these skilled professional businesses can help typical patients with their medications.

Get medications in an easier dosage form.

Perhaps you have issues swallowing regular tablets, or maybe you have an issue with taking any pill at all. The compounding pharmacy can make life easier by incorporating your prescription medication into another solution or form.

For example, tablets could be crushed and enclosed in gel-coated capsules or a pill-form medication could be suspended in syrup.

Have medications flavored so they are more palatable.

If you have been prescribed a medication that is hard to take because it tastes bad, a compounding pharmacy can help.

These professionals commonly use custom flavoring ingredients to make medications taste better so they are easier to consume. This service is especially beneficial if you have children.

Get combined medications to treat multiple symptoms at once.

If you have a condition or a combination of medical conditions, the compounding pharmacist can help combine certain medications.

For instance, if you have a cream that you use to reduce inflammation due to rosacea and another topical you apply to help with dry skin, these products could potentially be combined so you would only need one medication instead of two.