What If You Cannot Afford Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Does hiring a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney sound a luxury choice for you? In that case, you should know about alternative options available to you.

Many debtors find it difficult to afford a Birmingham Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney though payment options are available. However, if you belong to that group, consider any of the following options that might work for you:

  • Don’t make any further payment on your existing debts that will get eliminated in bankruptcy.
  • Borrow from your friends, relatives or even office colleagues to pay the lawyer’s fee.
  • Retain a bankruptcy attorney capable of dealing with creditors’ calls while paying his or her fees over time.
  • Go with bankruptcy filing on your own.
  • Get in touch with a free clinic, pro-bono lawyer or legal aid society for assistance.
  • Go ahead with filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and pay fees through a workable repayment plan.

Pay a Bankruptcy Lawyer and Not a Certain Creditor

After filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with the court, it along with your creditors assumes that you will no longer pay off outstanding accounts that will get eliminated in your bankruptcy case and instead, you will use the funds to afford the lawyer’s fee.

However, it will be difficult for you to catch up once you miss the deadline while making payments. Therefore, you should use the strategy to make sure that you are the right candidate for Chapter 7. An experienced and skilled bankruptcy attorney can help you with an incisive and intelligent assessment of your situation and the most pragmatic course of action.

If you want to keep hold of a property such as a house or an automobile that requires you to pay for on credit and that has been used as collateral to clear your outstanding debts, staying current before and after bankruptcy filing is very much important. Otherwise, expect the lenders to lay their claims on your property.

Borrowing to Afford Lawyer’s Fees

Before you declare yourself bankrupt, talk to a bankruptcy lawyer if doing so will breathe a fresh lease of life into your troubled state of financial affair. After a face-to-face meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer, you will have a peace of mind as the person might be able to offer you a solution that will take you out of the crisis.

Many people, who are unable to afford the fee of a bankruptcy lawyer, ask their friends and family for some help. You can also approach your employer. Surprised? Sometimes, they understand employees’ plight, especially if someone requests them for help with bankruptcy attorney’s fee. In fact, it will be a very calculative step on their part as helping someone overcome a financial issue forever is a pragmatic decision, rather to help someone every now and then.

Other Necessary Fees

Filing for bankruptcy ties you with an additional burden of other fees apart from the attorney’s fee. The fee for bankruptcy filing is a due amount when you submit your initial paperwork with the court clerk as the first step of bankruptcy filing. It changes periodically but you should check the current expense for both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.