What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

A virtual assistant is a fantastic addition to any online business, they minimise inconvenience and optimise your online productivity in a seamless and timely manner. There are so many reasons to hire a virtual assistant, from cost-effectiveness to increased output, you’ll always find that securing an experienced and committed virtual assistant is a great idea. Once you’ve decided on finding a virtual assistant, you might be asking yourself just what you need help with. Here are just a few ways that virtual assistants can help and improve your business:

Social Media 

Your virtual assistant can perform an array of social media tasks to help keep your platforms perfect! Whether you need a Facebook or Instagram profile made from scratch, your brand information updated or fresh content for your feed, a virtual assistant can help you out. You’ll also have the power to get a little more technical and analytic with your social media presence as your assistant can manage or develop your audience, monitor engagement and manage different analytical tools!


Research is a huge part of running any business, particularly one that operates online. This is a heavy and time-consuming task which a virtual assistant can perform for you! Your assistant can help you out with competitor insights, general research, guest post opportunities, new business prospects and best practice guidelines. This will increase your competitivity, understanding of your customers and the probability of growth! Analysing, researching and producing reports is a great way to boost your brand and your knowledge.

Data Entry 

Data entry assistants can really drive the productivity and ability of your company. Your virtual assistant can aid with tasks such as data reviews, database construction and management, reporting and compiling data from online surveys. Compiling insights, evidence and data is essential to understanding how your company is performing in your market!

Ecommerce assistance 

Running an eCommerce website is a big job and a vital part of any successful operation, so it needs to be done right. A virtual eCommerce assistant will help you to craft optimised product descriptions, edit product images, customer support, review comments and feedback, monitor transactions order processing and perform exchanges or refunds. This will make a world of tasks off your hands and enable you to run the very best online business possible.

Administrative tasks 

Admin tasks are a pain when you want to get on and be productive with your day. Sometimes, just answering emails can eat up an entire morning of work, so why not let someone else assist you with your administrative duties? A virtual assistant can help you with emailing, phone calls, booking appointments, writing invoices, calendar management and client follow-ups.

Chatbots and Customer Service 

Retaining and maintaining your existing customer base is vital to building a successful business. Your customers need to feel heard and cared for at the time they purchase and beyond. A chatbot or a customer service assistant is the perfect answer. A virtual assistant will be able to respond to any customer queries, complaints or comments, whilst also helping out with orders, delivery dates or special requests. This is a perfect addition to any eCommerce store, your existing clients are well worth investing in!

Virtual assistants really are the perfect way to build a smooth-running, productive operation, no matter the size of your company. Whether you need a few tasks executed here and there, consistent ongoing support or something in between the two, you’ll be able to find yourself the perfect assistant for you. Hire a virtual assistant today and watch your business grow! You’ll free up time in your schedule to really do what you love with the knowledge that your assistant is performing perfectly. What Do Virtual Assistants Do?