What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Signs That Exist Today?

Whether it’s for a large or small business, outdoor commercial signs can help attract customers and improve revenue.

From bright neon to wood, what are the different types of outdoor signs available today?

Read on to discover some of the most common outdoor signs, so you can determine which style is right for you.


When it comes to smart advertising, A-boards, or pavement signs, are a good and inexpensive choice. You can also have these signs customized from places like this one or other local custom sign companies in your area.

An A-board is exactly as the name implies: a sign shaped like an A that is freestanding on the ground. Choose this type of sign if you have a sidewalk in front of your business to announce things like sales or menu updates to passers-by. 

Types of Outdoor Signs: Readerboards and Electronic Signs

A readerboard, also called an electronic message center, features electronic customizable signs that you can change to suit your needs. These outdoor signs are quite expensive, but they’re also very effective when it comes to helping both the large and small business owner alike.

One of the perks to electronic outdoor signs is that although they cost more upfront, you’ll never need to purchase a new one again. Simply change the message as you see fit and let the sign do all the work and all of the talking for you.

Post and Panel Signs

Often used by real estate agents, a post and panel sign is essentially a flat panel that is mounted between two poles. This freestanding outdoor sign is a good option if you need something that easily identifies your business, or that provides directional signage to visitors.

Post and panel signs are one of the most affordable types of outdoor signs which makes them a great choice for smaller businesses or for temporary purposes. They do a great job at attracting motorists and pedestrians at a distance and can be made of anything from wood or PVC to aluminum.

Mounted Letters

This type of outdoor sign consists of several three-dimensional letters that are attached to your business. Often used to mark the name of the business, they can be found in either lit or unlit styles.

If you want a professional look, consider these unique letters that add a clean, sleek element to the outside of your business. Look for dimensional letters made of metal, acrylic, or PVC that come in a range of colors to add a unique identity to your location. 

Find Your Perfect Sign

Keep these types of outdoor signs in mind if you’re looking for something that will attract customers to your business. Whether it’s electronic or mounted to a post, an outdoor sign can be a smart investment that will pay for itself over and over.

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