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Water Restoration Company Near Me: Questions to Ask Before Hiring One

According to FEMA, just one inch of floodwater can cause over $25,000 in damage. So, if your home ever ends up flooded after a storm, you need to act fast.

Don’t try to sort out the problem yourself, and don’t worry about arguing with your insurer right now. Get in touch with a water restoration company immediately. 

A Google search for a ‘water restoration company near me’, will help point you in the right direction, but the following questions will ensure you get the help you need, fast.

Will You Handle the Insurance Paperwork?

It’s important to work with water damage remediation experts who offer this service, they’ll take a load of haggling off your plate.

They also have the know-how to deal with the entire process. This includes completing the paperwork correctly, processing your claim, and dealing with any disputes.

This will they take a load of haggling off your plate and they have the know-how to deal with the entire process. This includes completing the paperwork correctly, processing your claim, and dealing with any disputes. 

There’s also no point in hiring a water restoration company if your insurer won’t pay them. 

Do You Have the Correct Insurance and Licenses?

Your insurer will likely dispute your claim if you work with an unlicensed water remediation company. Ask them about their license and confirm it with your relevant state authority before they arrive.

It’s always best to work with a company that carries third-party insurance and a surety bond, too. 

Are Your Technicians Qualified for the Job?

Just because a water restoration company is great at handling paperwork doesn’t mean the men on the ground know what they’re doing.

Technicians must hold a certification in water restoration. This means they’re trained on the most up-to-date techniques for water remediation and know how to apply them. 

This includes training on the effects of water damage as well as methods to reduce mold formation. 

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

Qualifications are great, but experience makes the difference between a good service and a great one. Technicians with many years of dealing with water damage behind them can better handle all kinds of remediation. 

They’re also more skilled at anticipating any potential long-term effects of flooding. 

What Equipment Do You Use?

The latest tools and equipment mean a faster, more effective water clean-up.  These include technologies for detecting and mapping moisture intrusion, as well as mopping up the mess and limiting further damage.

For instance, ozone treatment generators can help remove odors, while microbial remediation methods are best for getting rid of mold permanently.

Refining Your ‘Water Restoration Company Near Me’ Search

While you’re trawling the internet in search of help, read some reviews about water restoration services in your neighborhood. These can help you in choosing a water restoration company that gets the job done. 

That, along with seeking answers to these questions at the outset, will ensure your search for a ‘water restoration company near me’ ends in the results you’d hoped for. 

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