Using the Correct Dose in Edibles Can Be a Difficult Task 

THC Edibles can be a tinderbox. Many make the mistake of thinking that it is the same as smoking, and they quickly find out that it is not so at all. And what makes things even more complicated is that cannabis edibles are very difficult to dose. Consuming THC through smoking or vaping is different than consuming THC through edibles. Basically, when ingested, the liver metabolizes THC in a much more powerful way. This makes a dose much stronger than when smoking. 

The Right Dose –

Now that you know that THC edibles have much strong action than smoking or vaping, it is time to decide the dose of THC Edibles. The following measurements are done according to the expert’s opinion, as there is very little scientific research on doses in edibles. Therefore, you should keep in mind that these doses will affect different people differently.

  • 2mg – It is considered as the threshold for occasional users. It is very unlikely to affect too much.
  • 2.5mg – It is considered the most popular dose for those who want to reduce social anxiety, increase concentration. It is often compared to being cheerful with alcohol.
  • 5mg – Almost all occasional users notice a significant effect. This includes a pleasant high and an increased appetite.
  • 10mg – Most occasional users notice a strong effect. This causes a strong high and a significant distraction from things like pain. 
  • 15mg – For most occasional users, this is an unpleasantly strong dose. For regular users, 15mg is a strong dose.
  • 20mg – For most regular users, 20mg induces a very powerful high, with strong psycho activity.
  • + 25mg – It is considered an unpleasant dose for regular users. 

How to Apply the Dose in a Practical Way?

It is very good to know the correct dose for you, but you have to translate it in a practical way to know how to incorporate it into edibles while cooking. To do this, you must first know the percentage of THC in your edibles. Each gram of cannabis bud has 1,000mg of dry weight. Therefore, if you have a strain with 20% THC, this would equal 200mg of THC. This means that with one gram of bud with 20% THC, you could make 10 doses of 20mg. If you have a gram of a strain with 10% THC, you could do 10 doses of 10mg, or 5 doses of 20mg, and so on.

With this information, you can calculate the potency you want each serving of edible to have, and how to divide the cannabis to obtain that potency. It’s a rough guide. It is best to use it as a reference, and from there your own experience to perfect the doses you need.