Using home health care services: Check these details!

Are you recovering from an injury? Do you have an older parent at home, who struggling with day-to-day tasks? Does someone with dementia needs care and companionship? For all of that and more, you need home health care services. If you are in Philadelphia, agencies like King of Prussia Home Health Care have all sorts of options. In this post, we are sharing a few basic details worth knowing.

Types of in-home care services

There are varied categories of in-home care services, depending on the needs of the person or patient concerned. 

  1. Companion services. Companion services typically involves offering companionship and care, which also includes supervision. When someone is recovering from an accident or illness, this kind of care is just ideal. 
  2. Personal care services. The scope of personal care services is huge. The patient can get help with regular tasks, like dressing of wounds, help with meals, diet, medications, and grooming. The home health aide may also assist with exercises and appointments with doctors. 
  3. Homemaker services. As the name suggests, this kind of service includes help with home tasks, such as housekeeping and meal prep. There is usually no medical care involved. 
  4. Skilled care. Individuals who need help with injections, medications, and wound care, can consider skilled care. This often involves relying on aides who work directly with registered nurses. 

Tips to choose in-home care services

There are varied kinds of in-home care services in Philadelphia. If you hire such services for the first time, ask questions like – 

  • How old is the agency? Do they have an extensive clientele?
  • What kind of in-home care services do they offer?
  • How do they do background checks of home health care professionals?
  • Do they offer customized home care plan?
  • If yes, to what extent can they tweak services for clients?
  • Do they offer care for people with dementia and other diseases?

As for the cost of home health care, it depends on what is included. For instance, if the aide is assisting with almost everything like food, meals, medications, grooming, and outdoor trips, the expenses can be higher. In comparison, someone looking for just companionship, they don’t have to pay a lot. It is wise to get an estimate in advance, so that you can consider your budget. 

If you want to know a home health care service better, check online for reviews. Also, schedule a free consultation session, so that you can understand the attitude of the service and their aides.  

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