Home Improvement

Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Budget in 9 Ways

You might think that the kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in your home. But there are many ways to improve it without spending too much money. Here are nine ways you can upgrade your kitchen on a budget.

1. Replacing the cabinet doors is a very easy and inexpensive way to add a designer look to your kitchen. Paint them in a bright color for an extra pop of personality. Or opt for glass to allow more light into the room. Install new cabinet hardware, such as knobs or pulls, in a shiny gold or silver finish for a bit of luxury.

Consider replacing your old countertops with granite, marble, tile, solid surface materials, or laminate to give your kitchen a fresh look for less money than you might think. After choosing what kind of material you want, you can get quotes from suppliers online that will bring down the cost by having multiple people bid against each other for your business over email or through their websites.

2. If the thought of completely overhauling your kitchen sounds like too much work, you can still enjoy a little upgrade by using your available space more efficiently with some simple organization tips. Use pull-out shelves under upper cabinets to give yourself extra storage space for baking ingredients or canned goods. Install corner drawers to tuck away small appliances, cleaning products, and kitchen tools.

3. Consider adding a second sink to your kitchen to make it easier for you to do dishes or wash vegetables without cluttering the counters or competing with other kitchen tasks. A divided countertop can also help keep two people working in the same space more organized too. Another good idea is shelving by the sink.

4. If there are any small appliances that you don’t use or have just collecting dust in a cabinet, give them away to charity or sell them online, then replace them with the latest gadgets that will help speed up common kitchen tasks like mixing drinks, chopping vegetables and cooking food. Also consider upgrading your refrigerator with chill drawers and a water and ice dispenser, as well as the oven with a convection option.

5. Before you bring home new appliances or small kitchen tools, make sure that they will be useful by thinking about how often you’ll use them and how much space they’ll take up in your kitchen (and your life). For example, if you don’t cook often, buying a crockpot is probably not worth the space it would take up in your kitchen.

6. Shop online for small kitchen appliances to get more features on less expensive models that are available at bargain prices. Look on websites like Amazon or Best Buy to find discounts up to 60% off the retail price (or more) on items like food processors, slow cookers, and blenders. Before you order, check prices at retail stores in your area to make sure that you’re not paying a higher price for the same item online.

Give the dining room a facelift with modern dining room tables. Another idea is to convert a dining table into a desk by adding an adjustable pedestal in the middle to make it a dining room desk. Consider using dining furniture for other areas of your home too. Adding dining chairs into your living room or even bedroom can add personality and style without spending lots of money, while dining table-style coffee tables look great in a family room.

7. Upgrading your dining room lighting is also a simple and inexpensive way to improve the dining room. Choose lighting that fits with your dining room decor, such as a traditional chandelier or pendant light for an elegant look, or a modern drum lamp if you prefer a more contemporary style.

8. We all have kitchen tools that we rarely use or could simply do without altogether. Be honest with yourself about what you can get rid of. If your blender is collecting dust, put it away in a cabinet and donate it to a women’s shelter or food bank. Or hang on to it just in case you have a lot of friends over for dinner one day and need something to make smoothies with.

9. If you’re tired of your kitchen and you’re ready to go all out and remodel it completely, take a look at some retail store displays for ideas. But also check out the kitchens in nearby restaurants as well as online through websites like Houzz.com or Pinterest.com for design ideas that you can incorporate into your own home improvement project.