Tips and Tricks to Get Your Publication Shown on Explore Page on Instagram

The mobile application Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the web in the last few years. Instagram provides the opportunity to every user to communicate with their existing friends, to meet new people or even to popularize your brand if you are a business owner. In fact Instagram is now considered as one of the best places where business owners can build really powerful marketing strategies and develop a serious business page or brand. The social platform has many tools and features that can engage other users who can become your followers and maybe customers. 

The most important thing when it comes to having a successful Instagram page is the engagement rate of your account that is formed from the balance between your followers and how they correspond with your content. You can check your engagement rate and other statistics related to your presence on social media on the section that is called “Insights”.There you can check the engagement data, impressions and more statistics like the gender of your followers, the average age , their location and most active hours.  

Every user on Instagram has a Discover page that is called “Explore tab” This page is different for every user depending on their searches, interests, and content related to the people you are following and interacts with your content. For example if you are following many celebrities accounts ,the algorithm of Instagram will notice this and you will start seeing content  related to celebrities. This discovery page represents content such as images, videos,stories and IGTV videos from different users that you are not following. You should also know that if you check many times a person’s profile that you are not following ,their posts will start to show up on your discovery page.

Although there are many ways that can help you to gain new followers such as increasing your followers on Instagram by using different suppliers. If your publication starts to appear in many people’s Explore page , you will increase your organic audience many times for sure. So now we will learn some tips and tricks that can help you to develop a strategy that can help you to make your publications appear in other people’s discovery pages and start gaining many followers.

The first thing you should do is to make sure that your profile is public. If your account is private your content would be hidden, which means that random users cannot review it , so there is no possibility to have your content on other people’s explore tab if you have a private Instagram account. Your content will be visible only for the people that are already following you and as we already mentioned in the Explore page , the content you see is from people that you are not following. If your page is newly created and doesn’t have any following, a good thing will be to buy followers on instagram, because that way you will be looking more professional to the authority.

If you want to receive more engagement and have your publications popped up on the Explore page of Instagram ,you should also publish your content at the right time. This means that you should check the most active hours of your followers depending on their daily basis such as working hours or school schedule.You can check when your followers are most active in the section that we already mentioned and it is called “Insights”  

Another thing that can help you to have your publication shown up on the Discovery page on Instagram is to tag popular influencers and brands on your publications.However your post should be related with the people or brands you are tagging,it is not recommended to tag just random users.If your publication interacts with the users you tag , Instagram algorithm may spread the awareness of your Instagram page and your publications may start to appear in the Explore page of Instagram.

Overall , the Explore page gives you many opportunities to be noticed by other people interested in  your niche. Just make sure you utilize it properly.