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Three Things to Do After a House Fire

House fires can be a disaster that devastates your family. These disasters can cause a lot of damage to your possessions and leave you feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Here are a few things to do after a fire has occurred to help in your restoration process.

1. Determine if your home can be saved

House fires can get between 100 and 600 degrees. That heat can cause damage to the structure of your home. An adjuster will be sent to evaluate your property to determine if your home can be saved or needs to be rebuilt. If your home is savable, it will need professional restoration. Lingering effects such as smoke and soot can cause damage to your home and possessions. You may also need water mitigation to prevent or reduce the amount of water damage when putting out the fire. It is important to find a restoration company to help clean up fire damage to your Kaysville property because often ruin goes beyond what the eye can see.

2. Don’t enter the building until it is safe

Do not enter a house or other structure in Kaysville until the fire department says it is safe to enter. Even if it appears to be out, the fire could start again. The roof may be damaged and could fall when you’re inside, or the floor could give out. When you can enter your home after the disaster, make sure you retrieve the most important things. These valuables could include important documents like birth certificates, medical records, and passports.

3. Separate possessions that are destroyed or can be saved

Separate destroyed items from savable ones so you can provide a list to the insurance company. A list noting all of your belongings can be helpful in this situation. If you don’t have a list of your items already, receipts and bank statements can be useful to note purchased items. Photos of your property in Kaysville are great to have with the list so that insurance companies can see your valuables as well. Any items that are not destroyed should be put in a safe place. Even if your possessions didn’t burn, they might be ruined by smoke, soot, or the water. Depending on the condition, the items you want to be saved may need to be professionally cleaned.

If you had the unfortunate event of a fire to your home, ensure you take the proper steps to take care of yourself and your family. After having damage from a fire in Kaysville, enter the building when it is safe to do so and retrieve the most important items.

Delta Restoration Services provides cleanup and restoration to homes and businesses in Kaysville when fire damage has occurred.