The Price of a Dress Doesn’t Make Anyone Greater

There seems to be no difference between a little girl and a teenager nowadays when it comes to clothing or how to get dressed. With the millennial generation, even a little girl knows how to be fashionable. With what they are seeing daily, may it be on the television or internet or what they see from older girls, they also try to do it on their own. Some of these young kids even end up going to their mothers’ closets when their moms are not around, check the accessories such as jewelries and make up and wear them. From this early age, these things tend to follow along as they grow.

Moving through, when they reach high school, there are a lot of social activities such as prom, of which they tend to look for the best dresses and accessories to wear. As a teenager, of course, you wanted to be the best and the prettiest during such events hence ending up looking for the perfect attires for the event. A wrong notion for some teenagers would be the thought of wearing a branded attire which will make them look better than others, able to impress other teens and the thought that they aren’t cheap.

As a student, buying signature items may not be easy, unless you come from a well-off family, wherein your parents can give you everything. Meanwhile not everyone would be from a wealthy family instead some are actually doing part time jobs just to suffice their education needs whilst buying all the things needed for extra-curricular activities. With these cases, there are a lot of options of which you do not need to spend much money just for one-night formal activity in school. Here are some ways:

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  1. Reuse your mom’s dress and accessories – It is possible that your mom could have a collection of wedding guest dresses, homecoming dresses, evening gowns and some other accessories such as dance shoes, wedding shoes, and fascinator, which you can use for the event. If there is not a huge collection then you can still check your mom’s wardrobe as she might have kept her most favorite and fabulous dress.
  2. Second hand dresses and accessories – Go for second hand dresses as these are way cheaper than brand new ones. No one would know that you are wearing a second hand attire anyway. Besides, there is nothing wrong with wearing such as sometimes these are even more comfortable and have better quality. With social medias like Facebook, there are a lot of members selling goods for cheaper prices.
  3. Check Nearby Physical Stores – It does not mean to say that all physical stores are selling brand new items. Some are also selling second hand and quality items; they are even branded and all you need to do would be to wash or clean the item you bought from these kinds of stores to make it look new. No one would know that you bought your attire from this kind of shop unless you tell them. You might even see the eyes of your friends grow bigger due to how fabulous your attire is. For United States or any English-speaking country, they call it “Op Shop.” On the other hand, Philippines has ukay-ukay. (Philippine store wherein secondhand apparels such as clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories are being sold at a very cheap and bargained prices.)
  4. Go Online – If the first three options are not possible then you can go online. There are online selling platforms such as JJ’s House that offer affordable and quality dresses and accessories. Most online stores do ship worldwide wherein it may take a while to receive the order. If there is enough time before the occasion date, this will actually be a good idea especially if you are busy and do not have time to go around each boutique. Some online stores even offer customized dresses of which all you need to do would give your measurements for the dress that you have chosen then the tailors will make it for you.

In conclusion, do not be stressed about having to wear cheap yet quality dresses. It may be that your classmates are wearing shiny and signature dresses but just as the song says, everything, that glitters, is not gold. The attires they may be wearing might have been bought from second hand stores too. Just be yourself, be confident and feel relaxed.