The Latest Web Development Trends That Are Everywhere in 2021

You can’t afford to have an outdated web design in today’s world. Designs are getting better by the day, so a design from a few years ago may look outdated to your visitors. When 48% of people say web design is one of their most important factors in determining a company’s credibility, this is something you can’t afford to get wrong.

That’s why you need to pay attention to the latest web development trends. Keep reading to learn the trends in 2021 that are worth paying attention to.

Dark Mode

People don’t like staring at bright screens all day, and it’s hard on the eyes and can cause eye strain if you do it for too long. However, with people reliant on computers and smartphones to work during the day, it’s hard to avoid.

That’s why dark mode is so popular. What was once a gimmick in a few apps is now becoming commonplace. More websites in the coming year will continue adding dark modes to their websites to please their users.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps aren’t new, but they haven’t always been easy to create for developers. They are a mobile version of a website that allows users to install it as an app on their mobile devices for easier access.

New technology has made it easier than ever to create progressive web apps. Expect to see more of the best website design pros invest in these apps to provide a better experience to their users.

Motion UI

The internet used to be static, and you could only get by with adding text and images to websites and not much more. Even the best web development shops out there had a hard time making anything more complex.

Web technology has gotten so good that developers can add motion UI/UX design features to their websites. Adding motion made web designs more intuitive and provide users with a more pleasurable experience. Now that many motion UI libraries make it easier to use motion UI expect to see more motion designs.

API-First Web Apps

Websites don’t only exist in browsers anymore. Many web apps out there work better as an application on smartphones for mobile users. Unfortunately, this is hard to do if you tie up all your website code in a web-first framework.

API-first development solves that problem. Using an API to store your business logic means you can extend your app to many different devices. You only have to write your business code once and connect your user interface on each device to your API.

Never Stop Watching the Newest Web Development Trends

Technology and the IT industry change fast, and web development is no different. You can’t afford to fall behind and miss out on significant developments that help you deliever great results. Keep watching the latest web development trends to ensure you’re always up to date.

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