The Benefits of Using Pedestal System in Construction 

The current pandemic has caused the construction prices to increase, and the urgency of meeting deadlines for constructor becomes more challenging due to the situation. But don’t let things affect your projects. There are still convenient and simpler ways to always live up to your client’s standards and expectations. 

All of them involve incorporating your next project with a pedestal system. Learning how this system can effectively increase the quality of your construction while cutting cost

Speed, Simplicity and Easy Installation

The most cost-effective, simplest, and easiest way to create a rooftop deck is to install a roof patio on the pedestals. High-quality decking pedestals use the least possible parts on the marketplace and are more adaptable than just about any other pedestal system.

Everything from do-it-yourself homeowners to an accomplished roofing or paver specialist would appreciate these pedestals which are easy to use. You can have the best-guaranteed price, which will ensure that you get your patio at the right value.

Your client will get their trendy terrace in just a few hours with this innovative product. The installation of the decking pedestals is very simple. No fastening is necessary. You place them on the ground. It will be measured according to the width of the tiles or joists. 

Each pedestal level will be adjusted to achieve a completely level and consistent floor until the construction is complete. You can modify its heights quickly with their adjustment system.

Level Patio on a Sloped Roof Surface

Building codes specify a particular slope for all roofs. The patio surface would be completely flat by placing a patio on pedestals, despite being on a roof of up to a 7 per cent slope. With a quick twisting of a wing nut, the pedestals can be adjusted in height to get taller as the roof slopes down.

The Versatility of Aesthetics and Design

Pedestals are intended to be used with any flooring material. With your choices for pressed concrete pavers, grass or framed decks, porcelain tiles, or LPE deck tiles or planks, the sky is the limit for your construction possibilities.

Extend and Protect the Life of the Roofing System

Rooftop traffic, UV rays, wind and hail all result in damages to the roofing membrane and aging. The pedestal system helps secure the roof from deterioration and destruction, double the roofing membrane’s average lifespan.

Keeping the Waterproof Integrity of the Roofing System

Without breaking it, pedestals lay on top of the weatherproof system, preserving the roof’s essential waterproof quality. 

The pedestals often help formulate gaps between pavers to allow water to go through the tiles and flow uninterrupted to the roof drains as expected. The roof membrane guarantees that every roofing system is intended to accommodate these pedestals.

Making Your Job Simpler 

Using a pedestal framework is an easy, quick, and cost-effective way for your project to add quality and durability. Not only can you see improved aesthetics with additional accessible outdoor areas, but you could also save resources and give light to your roofing membrane with this pedestal system.


The plumbing and electricity under the terrace will be concealed, so you can provide a space between the patio and the floor to mount a garden hose or lighting cable depending on your client’s preferences.