Stress Baking And Quarantine Cooking? Spending More Time In The Kitchen Help People Cope With The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic was something no one saw coming. With stay-at-home orders and quarantine regulations, a lot of people find themselves becoming more anxious about the uncertainty that the future brings. As a result, certain hobbies and activities have become popular among people, one of which is baking.

For several months, you’ll see certain hashtags on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, showcasing people doing stress cooking or stress baking. These activities are fun, and furthermore, cakes, cookies, and pies provide a momentary recluse to people who have been stuck at home for weeks.

All About Anxiety Baking

You’ll be surprised to know that stress cooking or anxiety baking is something that is not new or uncommon. There have been several documentaries showcasing this phenomenon. Moreover, there may have been a chance where someone you know underwent an anxiety baking phase. If so, you’ll know exactly what to get them on their birthday. How about personalized kitchen gifts?

What Experts Are Saying

Julia Moskin from the New York Times covered how more and more people are “procrasti-baking” or “anxiety baking” during the pandemic. It was even explained that American millennials seem to enjoy weekend baking festivities and gathering as a way to escape the harsh realities of the world.

According to Amanda Mull from the Atlantic, several of the people interviewed mentioned how baking is a form of self-love. It is a form of self-care that is cheap and easy. Surely, no one would want to miss an opportunity to receive personalized kitchen gifts!

Associate Professor Donna Pincus from the Boston University College of Arts & Sciences states that baking is a positive activity. Aside from it being an affordable activity, the person baking also experiences a sense of control over the outcome, which is something most people have lost since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Donna Pincus is also the director of the Child and Adolescent Fear and Anxiety Treatment Program at the Boston University’s Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders. She explains how the pandemic has allowed a number of people to seek an activity that offers the doer a sense of control.

Founder of The Gourmadise School, Clemence Gossett, from Santa Monica, California, says that she was surprised herself when she started baking. The attractiveness of baking or cooking is more than just the convenience it offers when buying items from the grocery but because it also provides meditative qualities, especially during a pandemic.

The best part is that you do not need to be a good cook or baker to want to do this. With almost everyone posting their pretty pastries online, you’ll surely find a simple recipe that you would want to bake. On another note, even some of the professional bakers will find baking during quarantine to be a therapeutic activity.

If you have no prior experience in baking or cooking whatsoever, then now’s a good time to start. After quarantine, you’ll have mastered a life skill!

With a lot of people discovering the joy of cooking and baking during the pandemic, personalized kitchen gifts are perfect to show how much you appreciate them. Check out Remember Me Gifts today!