Sports Betting on Every Step


Betting on basketball is one of the most exciting experiences you can have. That’s because it is a championship with dozens of games, many decisions, great players and broad TV coverage.

For us, the two most common championships we find are the NBA and the NBB. There is still the European championship, but it does not have much coverage by the bands here, although there are specialists betting on that championship. Go for the situs poker online terpercaya also there.

NBA 2014 just started, and here on the website we are doing several previews of the teams that will compete in the tournament. The 2014/2015 season will be special because we have several teams with great title chances. 

NBB has Flamengo as their favorite, but there are other very good teams that fight for the title. This year Bauru will come in strong, as will Franca, Limeira and others.

Basketball is one of the three most popular sports in the world and, therefore, generates a lot of attention from bookmakers. There are several markets available, and here we will talk about the most common ones.

But before deciding which market to bet on, here are some analysis tips that should be done before placing your bet:


  • Who are the players on this team? 
  • What is the main quintet? 
  • And the bank? 
  • It is strong?

Many teams have 5 very good players, but the reserve body is not that strong. This makes a lot of difference in games against other very good teams, but even more so in playoffs. In addition, the performance of the team without a strong squad tends to drop over the course of the season, and any absence should be noted.


It is not enough to join the stars, they need to know how to play together. Remember when the Lakers brought together DW12, Steve Nash, Kobe and another and it came to nothing? The team didn’t care, the coach couldn’t make the defensive system work, the reserves were not so good, in short, it was a total fiasco.


Much more than in other sports, the coach in basketball are a very important figure, because often the matches are decided in an adopted system. Have you noticed how often in the playoffs the team completely changes its performance from one day to the next? This is because the coach has read the game and devised a strategy to win that. When this happens, the other coach tries to do the same, and in this the games are getting tighter and tighter. In addition, he is the one who calls decisive moves, calls for times, etc.

Of course it is the player who has to make the basket, but a good coach can make a less-than-good team win another one that is considered better.

The Best of the Lot

All of these questions will influence your decision. A game of rivals tends to have both teams giving their all, so elastic scoreboards are rarer, and zebras more common. Last year the Knicks beat the Miami Heat runners-up several times. In addition, we have the most classic in the NBA, which is between Lakers and Celtics. Stay tuned!