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Split Or Window Air Conditioning: Which Appliance To Choose?

If you are looking for an air conditioner to buy, indeed you must have been in doubt. After all, there are so many great models with different features that it’s hard to pick and choose. Among them, two very popular are split or window air conditioning.  

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is essential to understand the models well to select the most worthwhile one when you want to repair your unit. In the following post, check out details about both types of devices and determine which one is right for you. Good reading!

How To Choose An Ideal Air Conditioner?

Choosing an air conditioner is no easy task. The first step is to think about the model that suits your home, in addition to the ideal power. Then you need to investigate the characteristics of each type and, of course, choose one that fits your budget.

It may even be tempting to take advantage of a promotion, but the cheap can sometimes be expensive when the piece does not meet your needs. So it’s worth investing in researching your new air conditioner. See the differences between split and window air conditioners below and find out which is best for you.

Split Or Window Air Conditioning: Which Is Better?

Among the air conditioning models, the split and the window represent the most popular. Get to know the following two better.

Split Model

The split is a more modern device. More compact and with a beautiful design, it also delivers a lot of technology. The model consists of inside your house and the evaporator, while the condenser works outside.

Refrigerating Capacity

One of the split’s best attractions is its high cooling capacity. You can choose a model with low power — for example, 9,000 BTUs — or higher capacity, such as options greater than 30,000 BTUs.


As a benefit, the split uses technology to generate low noise. As the condenser is located outside and it is the one that produces the most noise, this type makes the place very comfortable. Some models even produce noise as low as 19 dB, shallow sounds for our ear.


Installing a split air conditioner can be much more expensive than a window model. As it is more delicate, the presence of a specialist is necessary. At this point, it is also worth noting that you only need to make small holes in the wall to place the device.

Window Model

The window type is the traditional air conditioner. Known for its front grilles, it has a condenser and evaporator integrated into one piece. Despite coming into disuse, this model still has some highlights.

Refrigerating Capacity

Regarding the cooling capacity, the window type supports only low powers. As a result, models can have around 30,000 BTUs of maximum capacity.


In terms of noise, the window loses to the split. In addition to the louder noise, it can also be dripping outside.


Another highlight of the window model: the reduced installation cost. As it is a single piece, the placement process is much simpler. In this case, you should make an opening in the wall, as it is between the inside and the outside. 

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