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Small Home Living: 7 Brilliant Space Saving Ideas for Tiny Living

When it comes to buying a house, these days people are opting for much smaller places to call their own. In fact, it is estimated that 688,500 tiny houses are sold in America each month. 

There are some great perks that come with buying a tiny house. You’ll be able to customize your house, have a smaller carbon footprint, and potentially be able to live mortgage-free. It’s no wonder tiny living is taking the United States by storm, but that doesn’t mean living small doesn’t come without any challenges. 

If you are deciding to make the move to tiny living, you’ll have to learn how to get creative with your space so that you have room for the items you need or want to have in your house.  

Keep reading to learn about seven space-saving ideas for your small house. 

1.  Store Items Under the Stairs  

Many times tiny homes have a bedroom that is lofted. One of the most common ways to save space in these small houses is to use the stairs leading to the bedroom for storage.

One way you can do this is to create stairs with pull-out drawers for each step that you can then fill with anything you may need to store. Adding a wardrobe or larger closet under the stairs makes for an excellent way to keep your clothes and shoes out of sight. 

If you know what items you need to store beforehand, you can create a customized stair solution by building shelves under the stairs to fit your belongings perfectly.

2. Find Space Under the Floor 

Another space saving tip uses the floor that you walk on every day! In many cases, the floor is a large area of unused space that can be used more effectively to stash your stuff. 

When you design your tiny house, you can create a clean, dry, spacious storage spot under the floor that can be easily accessed through sliding doors or pull-up hatches.

It’s not just the extra space that is a perk of having floor storage space. Because the floor is longer than most closets in your small house, you can store taller items that you otherwise may not have room for.

3. Use a Murphy Bed 

Having a lofted bed isn’t the only space-saving bedroom option for your small house. Another type of bed that won’t take up precious tiny house real estate is the Murphy bed.

A Murphy bed is a bed that folds up against the wall to give you more room in your house during daytime hours. A Murphy bed is an excellent solution for small houses that don’t have a loft for a bedroom.

Wilding Wallbeds has a great selection of cheap Murphy beds that will perfectly fit your tiny house bedroom needs. 

4. Go Vertical 

When you live in small square footage, you need to use every inch that you can for storage. This may mean looking up! 

Storing items in baskets on the top of the cabinets is one way to gain more storage in your small house. For a DIY space-saving idea, add some hooks to a ceiling support beam in your kitchen as a place to keep your pots and pans. 

Using areas at the top of your house that usually go unnoticed can get you some valuable extra room. 

5. Find Multifunctional Furniture 

Furniture needs to work twice as hard when it lives in a tiny house. This means buying furniture that has more than one purpose.

One of the best multipurpose uses for furniture is to combine them with storage options to get the most bang for your buck. Build your seating area with drawers as their base to store extra household items. Ottomans can be used as additional storage by using the hollow inside to put away extra things.

Modular furniture can also be a very efficient option for small houses. This unique type of furniture can be folded in different ways to make a bed, chair, or sofa making them a versatile option for tiny living. 

6. Use Hidden Tables 

Hidden and pull-out tables and counters are another great tiny house hack that you can use to save space. There are several different styles of hide-away tables to fit any look that you are going for. 

One popular design is to put half of the table on a hinge so that it can be easily lifted to create more space. Tables can also be built on rollers so that they can fit snugly away when you don’t need them. 

7. Get Creative With Unused Space 

Take a look around your small house. With a little imagination, any empty places you see could end up being the ideal spot for extra household items.

Corner shelves can add an interesting and functional element to an otherwise typically bare place on a wall. Do you have exposed beams in your house? Use them as an unconventional shelf space!

Another often overlooked place to add more space is over the doors and windows in your small house. These are great locations to add an extra shelf or hooks to get more of your things out of the way.

Space Saving Ideas Can Make Your Tiny House Feel Big! 

A typical tiny home is eight times smaller than an average-sized home. When you downsize this much, you must be very thoughtful with what you are bringing with you and where you will go.

Even though there are challenges to tiny living, the benefits make it worth it. With a little extra planning and creative space-saving ideas, you’ll be able to fit whatever you need in your new home!

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