Simple Semi-Truck Driver Advice You Should Hear

When it comes to driving your semi, you need your truck to be dependable and to keep you on the road. A truck that’s in the shop isn’t making you money, after all.

Although repairs are inevitable, making sure your truck is in tip-top shape will keep you on the road longer. Here are a few pieces of maintenance advice that will help.

Change and Check Your Oil

Every trucker knows changing your oil is important but it’s easy to overlook with all those deadlines. Make sure it’s done on time and correctly.

Also, before you go on a run, inspect your oil. Trucks need a lot of oil to run properly. Forgetting could result in costly repairs.

Check Your Tire Pressure

You want to increase efficiency and make your tires last longer, so make sure you understand what PSI your tires need. Every truck and trailer is different.

If you want to save money on fuel costs, make checking your tires a regular practice. This is also an important safety measure for you and others on the road.

Radiator Inspections Keep You from Overheating

No one wants to be the driver along the road because of an overheated truck. Regularly inspect your radiator for small leaks and top off the fluid if it looks low. This will ensure your high-powered engine will be able to run at a cooler temperature.

Check Your Brakes

Reliable brakes are a must. This is especially true when hauling a fully loaded semi. If you experience anything abnormal with your brakes, make sure you get your truck into the shop of a trusted mechanic immediately.

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