San Diego: What Home Security Equipment Do I Really Need?

Violent crime was up 14% in San Diego during 2021, reaching a peak only seen one other time in the past ten years. If you want to protect your life and property you need to get some home security equipment to deter criminals.

But what type of security equipment will work best for your domicile? There are tons of different home security systems to choose from such as alarm systems and video monitoring equipment. How can you be sure what to choose?

The answers are found in this handy guide to everything home security. Read on to find out how you can stay classy, and safe in San Diego. With the information here you can choose your best home security option.


The first thing you need to focus on in your home security strategy is lights. Having well-illuminated areas outside of your home, particularly on entranceways and windows will deter thieves from entering.

Make sure that all walkways and approaches to your residence are illuminated as well. You don’t need to spotlight everything like a prison, try incorporating lighting tastefully to stay classy and remain secure.


Installing proper lighting is crucial as it will help your camera system be more effective. Make sure to install cameras at all entranceways and windows. For people concerned about a privacy invasion you can keep cameras external.

Others may want to place them at strategic points within their home as well so they can monitor activities even when they are away. If you put your camera feed in the cloud, encrypt it so hackers can’t use it against you.


Now that you have established a proper line of sight around your home’s perimeter, you need a deterrent that activates in the event of a breach. An alarm system will suffice if it contacts local law enforcement.

Contact this home security company to learn more about what the installment process is like and what would work best for your specific home. Get a smart panel installed as well to integrate all your security systems.

Additional Security Equipment

Your first lines of defense are your lights, cameras, and alarm system. Now you need additional security equipment if you have to fend off intruders. Here are some examples.


The most crucial piece of home security equipment you can own is a firearm. California has strict gun laws so do your research and stay in compliance with the law. Still, with long police response times, having a firearm is essential.

Safe Room

You should also have some sort of fallback area where you can sequester yourself and your family if intruders enter your home. Keep a cellphone in this area as well as your firearm for the ultimate safe zone.

Non-deadly Weapons

Having some non-deadly weapons is a good idea as well. Nobody wants to take a life and using a firearm may not be appropriate for all forms of intruders. Things like mace, a baton/baseball bat, or a taser can deter criminals too.

Keep Your San Diego Home Secure

Having the right security equipment is the most important aspect of maintaining safety in your San Diego home. Don’t be left sitting defenseless when criminals strike. Get the best home security San Diego has to offer.

Use the information in this guide to create your home security strategy. Incorporate all of the elements discussed here for the best results. Our website is full of other great information like this so check it out when you get time.