Prepare your child’s holy communion

In Catholic churches and other Christian denominations, receiving Eucharist is a part of the seven sacraments. It is a holy communion and a fundamental part of Sunday mass. Many parents would remember the period when they were not allowed to take part in Holy Communion until they reach a specific age. The Holy Communion ceremony was conducted for them to choose the teachings of the church. This article will provide you with information about Holy Communion.

  • The first holy communion

On the first holy communion of the child, the child receives the first Eucharist. This is a prefaced period or class which teaches them the meaning of Eucharist and its significance.

This Holy Communion is organized for children who are seven, and they are eligible for it till they are fourteen years of age. In many Catholic churches, many children receive their first holy communion in the second grade, that is when they are seven years of age.

  • The steps for first holy communion

In many churches, these following procedures are followed to provide the children with their first holy communion.

  • Knowing about Holy Communion

The first holy communion is conducted for a group of 20 children. The class teaches the children about the meaning of Holy Communion. Many children also participate in this by asking questions. Some parents also explain to their children about what Holy Communion is. Before receiving it the first step is to know about this arrangement.

All the terms related to the Holy Communion are taught to the children. Words such as Eucharist are explained that are telling thanks to God for redemption, creation, and sanctification. The catholic churches also believe that teaching the last supper is also essential to become united with Christ.

  • Sunday mass

In the first few classes of the Holy Communion, the churches believe that the beauty and importance of the word Eucharist should be taught to children. They also suggest that it can be difficult for the children to understand the Holy Communion if the Sunday masses are missed. They believe that the children need to attend the mass to receive the Eucharist.

  • Receiving the Eucharist

When the child attends the Holy Communion for years, they naturally know the meaning and significance of it. However, for the children who are not aware of those who have never attended, it will find it difficult to understand and remember it. If the children think there is a lot to know, they may not be comfortable to attend the communion. Therefore knowing it through parents or understanding it in the home makes them comfortable.

Many processes have to be followed when receiving the Eucharist—receiving it before so many people can frighten the children. Moreover, praying, the hand practice, and the complete process are to be explained to the children through classes or by the parents themselves.

  • The attire

The parents should be expected to choose the appropriate attire for the child during the ceremony. Most of the lessons are explained in the class, but the attire is to be chosen by the parents. Some of the churches provide instructions on the attire for the First holy communion. The dress suggested for the girls is a white dress that is below knees. Some of the accessories that can be worn are headbands, veils, and flower crowns. The dresses are suggested to be elegant.

These above-mentioned processes are the steps taken for the child’s Holy Communion.