Popular Things to Do in Lombok Island

One of the most well-known items to do in Lombok is trekking. With a stunning landscape, the abundant lowlands are home to a wealth of plants, coffee, tobacco, cinnamon, and rice, even though the highlands are all full of forests. There are many very excellent treks throughout the island. For example, multi-day climbs up the mountain (3,000 meters high) and around the crater. If you prefer, you will find more extended treks to waterfalls as well as other island attractions.

The Mount Rinjani Trek is the most famous but is challenging to finish. It starts from Senaru, takes between three to four days to complete, and is regarded as among the most challenging treks in East Asia. Lombok Island is an excellent place for diving. It is renowned worldwide for getting over 35,000 aquatic species of underwater life; both the newcomer and convinced divers can enjoy the underwater action here. This is the present that moves in the Pacific to the darkened Ocean. It’s laden with tropical marine life. That is why people visit from all over the globe to experience the magic first hand here. Nearly all diving is all about the Gili islands daily trips.

Senggigi Beach is additionally a favorite dive site; broad marine life, fantastic beaches, and amenities make it a destination of choice to dive tourists. The Southwest of the island is less celebrated and supplies more challenging diving spots. The ‘Magnet’ is actually the main reason most divers come here, mainly because there’s an excellent opportunity to see hammerhead sharks. That is a large rocky pinnacle jutting up from approximately 50m below. It is located in the sea and can be 20 to 30 minutes from the ship. A massive wave crashed over the top of the stone, and the consequent surge can be felt even at 20 meters! It is possible to only dive safely below 15m on account of the wave. All safety stops are made from the rock — most definitely for the more experienced diver. People who have less expertise could take classes from the various teachers and dive schools on the island.

Snorkeling, Surfing, Water sports at Lombok Island There Is Plenty of Enjoyment to be Ignored and on Property in Lombok. The Ocean’s sparkling blue beaches are perfect for catching a few waves, seeing marine life, or even discovering a new water sport. Days lounging around the shore can be counteracted with the allure of aquatic experiences. In terms of diving, the Gili islands are a favorite location for water-related pursuits due to the slower currents surrounding them. Here, you will be amazed by turtles, white-tip reef sharks, cuttlefish, moray eels, angelfish, and ghost pipefish. Spa at Lombok Island Lombok is a sanctuary for relaxation, rejuvenation, regeneration, and the ideal place to grips with Indonesia’s historic wellness practices.

The spa is very famous across the globe because it stimulates the blood flow and curative properties. Individuals who visit this kind of place on earth and don’t experience a spa ritual are all certainly missing out. Mining Lombok’s panoramic terrain and a trained masseuse will happily and ardently Comfort, dependent on your disposition. The extensive collection of treatments ranges From Swedish into Balinese Massage to holistic therapies, including reflexology and hot stone therapy. Up-scale hotels comprise renowned spa brands like the Mandara Spa. However, beachgoers can elect to an alfresco rubdown from the sea. These islands’ calm and undisturbed beauty makes it an excellent spot to boost meditation and yoga experiences.

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