Pollution under control certificate must for Motor Insurance: How to Get One?

A significant reason for the rise in pollution level has been increasing vehicular emission. All over the world, vehicle developers are trying to fix the emission level of motor vehicles. In India, all vehicles must undergo emission tests and meet the basic pollution standards to drive on the road. These standards are laid down by authorities. A failure to meet these demands can lead to fine while driving on the road. It is thus necessary that you get a Pollution Under Control certificate for your vehicle. 

Increasing emission standards also led to an increase in the prices of the vehicle. As a responsible citizen, one must get a pollution certificate for their vehicle. Before going ahead with getting the certificate and knowing the process, it is essential to know more about the certificate and method to get one. When getting a new vehicle, you will get a PUC certificate. With this mandatory document, you must also get bike insurance. Having insurance is also necessary.

How to get a PUC certificate?

To get a PUC certificate for your vehicle, below are the guidelines be followed:

The dealer will provide you with a PUC certificate for one year with your new vehicle. 

For renewal of this certificate, take the vehicle to the nearest emission testing centre (generally at a petrol pump). You will have to pay a fee and get a PUC certificate after the testing. 

Step by Step Guide

Places where you can get your vehicle checked for emission levels

  • At Petrol pumps with testing centres across the country.
  • Standalone testing centres made by the Government
  • Take your vehicle to the nearest testing centre.
  • The operator will scan the exhaust pipe and will do some other fundamental tests to determine the emission levels of the vehicle
  • After you pay the fee, a PUC certificate will be generated along with the test reading. 

You can find the RTO approved testing centre on the Parivahaan website. You will see a PUC centre list with address, types of vehicle the centre can test, email address and contact number. Find a testing centre near you from this list. 

The validity of the PUC certificate: A PUC certificate has different efficacy for new and old vehicles. It is a mandatory document to carry while driving. For a new vehicle, the PUC certificate expires after one year. For old vehicle the testing is needed more frequently. It expires after six months. A PUC certificate has now also been made mandatory for car insurance renewal. Both of these are compulsory documents and can lead to a heavy fine if found driving without these. 

Benefits of Having a PUC certificate


By getting the PUC certificate you are caring for the environment. We all know that a high level of pollution can have a devastating impact on the atmosphere. With increasing global temperature, the need of the hour is to work hard toward a sustainable life.


By getting a PUCC you are abiding the law. It is compulsory document and must be carried by everyone driving on the road. 


One is aware of the condition of their vehicle through a PUCC. Thus, can keep their car in good condition for a long time.

Get your PUC certificate and buy motor insurance to stay safe from all risks.