Online schooling an independent & advance mode of education

In online schooling, they teach students entirely through the internet. The online schooling system exists all around the world and is used from the k-12, colleges and graduate schools also. It has defined that online schooling is an independent and advance education that uses one or more technologies for study. The instructions in online schooling deliver to students with modern techniques of learning. This type of training enables individuals to take the recognized examination, earn transferable credits and advance level of education over the internet. There are currently more than 7000 colleges and universities that provide online schooling in the whole world. Still, the American international school is working very quickly in this aspect, especially in Dubai. 

Homeschooling in UAE has no specific legal requirements it is recommended that children follow an accredited programme. Homeschooling in UAE is an independent and advance education that make the study more comfortable for students to re-enter mainstream schooling or attend the high classes at the same time. In homeschooling, parents believe that their kids do not have to face the pressure, deal with crowd or bullying subject. With the modern and unique techniques of homeschooling parents assert that the vast range of educational experiences has made their children more mature, open-minded and confident. The main aim of homeschooling in UAE is to make the children well rounded, conscious and responsible human of the world. A primary benefit of homeschooling is that they offer the flexibility of time to the student. The flexibility of homeschooling system presented the opportunities for young people to explore activities and events thoroughly during their free time. The students in homeschooling get to spend more time with friends and family and have lots of time to play. They study in an enjoyable and stress-free environment and the outcomes are outstanding for parents and students. Nowadays homeschooling in UAE is getting popularity among relocated families due to the unsatisfied demand of traditional schools places. They choose to homeschool because those courses are carefully designed by American online schooling in Dubai and feedback by email and 3-5 days turnaround of assignments to keep the student motivate and engaged. These families have the security that their children are learning under educative supervision and secure place with the help of homeschooling in UAE. Homeschooling in UAE is assigned to students their student program manager who will monitor their progress to ensure they keep on track with studies. Homeschooling in UAE providing sources of IGCSE and A-level that helps the children to gain a qualification which is accepted by any university around the world. 

On the other hand, American international school in Dubai provides high quality, student-centred curriculum and unique study techniques which aligned with new york core study. The American international schooling in Dubai offers the learner to feel happy, safe and valued while receiving the education with modern and unique techniques. The American international school in Dubai is emerging technology which brings the changes in the way of access, create and communicate information. It is an independent and modern education system which provides educational benefits and have the potential to a positive impact on teacher and learner. Teachers work closely with students throughout the year on the importance of being safe, responsible and respectful in a digital world and teach in an appropriate manner. It is an internationally accredited schooling system which offers different programmes that help students identify talents and explore the passion for being a part of teams. Thus this talent and love take the student towards a bright future with great opportunities.

As such, there is plenty of scope of online schooling like the flexibility of time, social interactions, blended education models and many other aspects. The main reason why online schooling getting importance is the synchronous online courses happen in real-time. The instructor and students all interact online at the same time. This interaction is done either through video calls, messages and audio chat. Besides, students and instructors can collaborate with creating a store, share documents, online spreadsheets and google doc & google drive etc. Parents and students can use students portal or school mobile app to access students attendance and report cards at their own pace. Parents become very happy and interested in online schooling because they can see the whole report of their child at home no need to go to school for a parent teacher meeting. It allows taking up additional courses along with the studies and job as per their convenience. The quality of learning has improved by online classes, and it has become easy for students to refer to the work as per their leisure. In this digital world, online education increases the scope of learning, even become more beneficial for students, teachers and parents also. They can move faster through the desired course according to their time table.

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