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Office Additions and Design Ideas to Boost Employee Morale and Productivity

Research shows that a person’s environment can greatly impact their mental health and overall well-being. Business owners cannot underestimate how noise and air pollution, clutter, and other types of uncomfortable environments can negatively impact their employees’ level of productivity, work motivation, morale, and general attitude towards their work.

With employees coming back to the physical workspace this 2022, business owners are wise to do some upgrades in the office. Here are some design ideas and additions that can help boost employee morale and productivity.

Physical Fitness

If there’s one thing that can help attract the most qualified and capable employees and candidates into a company, it’s the opportunity for them to be more active in their lifestyles. Not everyone has the budget to invest in home workout equipment or a monthly gym membership, so many employees can benefit greatly from having a space in their workplace that will allow them to move their bodies.

If businesses have extra space in their commercial property, they can consider having a sports court in the backyard or perhaps the rooftop. It might also work in the basement or other spare rooms. It will give their teams a space where they can play a friendly round of basketball or tennis, and the space should be big enough for other employees who want to do other exercises too. 

Rest and Relaxation

Another thing businesses can consider adding into their offices is a space where employees can relax during a busy workday. Studies show that if people want to maximize productivity during their workday, they need to have small breaks in between intense focus sessions. There’s a reason the Pomodoro technique has grown in popularity in the past few years—it’s because it works!

Businesses and their employees will benefit greatly from a room that’s sole purpose is for people to rest. It can be a well-designed quiet room with a comfortable sectional couch. To add warmth, this space should have an area rug, a coffee table, and some blankets, throws, and pillows for much-needed texture and layers. Scented candles are also a wonderful addition. Potted indoor plants also add so much life and vibrancy to the space. This space is the favorite for employees in no time, especially for introverts.


If the relaxation room is all about quiet and serenity, another room for socialization is the perfect space where employees can catch up with their friends in the office. Water cooler conversations are fun, but even better when it takes place in a comfortable space. 

The pantry or the kitchen might be a good place for this, but there must be sufficient seating, especially if team members take their lunch at the same time. A modern kitchen island will not just look aesthetically pleasing; it will also be incredibly convenient for businesses with cooking as an inherent part of their company culture.


Nothing screams modern and contemporary in design more than openness. It should be advantageous for businesses to convert their walls into glass windows to create an illusion of openness and airiness. Natural light is also incredibly beneficial because it’s good for people’s health, and it can also help the business cut back on power costs. So not only will big, open windows be good for the office’s aesthetics, but it’s also advantageous in terms of cost-cutting and making employees feel less claustrophobic.

Another design element that businesses need to invest in is indoor plants because it will help the office’s occupants feel like they are closer to nature. It’s the easiest way to inject biophilic design into the space.


Businesses that require teamwork and collaboration need to ensure that the design of the workspace is conducive to this. This can be achieved through the following:

  • A brainstorming area where two or more people can come together to discuss new ideas
  • A dining area in case teams want to have a working lunch together
  • Portable furniture so that employees can move things around depending on their needs for the day
  • A colorful space can be a great way to energize and boost the moods of team members working together in the space


If businesses want to achieve their goals, then they cannot neglect the health and overall well-being of their employees. They need to think of the office or the physical workspace as an investment as well because businesses cannot succeed without productive and happy employees. If team members are physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially healthy, then the company can achieve anything.

Meta title: Office Design Ideas to Boost Employee Morale and Productivity
meta desc: With employees coming back to the physical workspace, business owners are wise to do some upgrades in the office. Here are some design ideas and additions that can help boost employee morale and productivity.