Most Common Questions Asked About Teleconsultation

This is the time of the pandemic outbreak. People stay conscious and anxious while stepping out of their houses. In this situation, where the doctors are primarily looking after the corona patients, they can contribute more to prevent spread of the infectious disease due to Corona virus.

The process of teleconsultation has been existed for past many years, but the use of this service is at its peak now. People are showing interest and gaining positive experience after doctor’s phone consultation.

The process helps the doctors to wide their reach to the majority of the patients in different locations. Teleconsultation is a safe and effective way to assess the individual’s health and guide the patient for the treatment.

The governments of various countries are offering free of cost consultation for the COVID 19. If you feel any symptoms like dry cough, fever, breathing problems, etc., then dial provided toll-free number and connect with the expert to understand your actual situation and proceed for the test as per the doctor’s advice.

The experience of teleconsultation is new for the majority of people, and they usually have common questions before actually stepping into the process. Through this post, we would address the common doubts people face about the phone consultation service. So, let us get started.

What is the teleconsultation service in simple words? 

It is a service where a doctor and a patient get connected through the chat or audio/video conferencing tool. Things are quite similar as the face to face consultation. You would see your doctors through video or talk over chat.

What equipment do I need to use for the telehealth service? 

As we know, it is a virtual process, so the better internet connection is a must. Along with it, you can have a desktop/laptop with webcam to get the appropriate experience of talking to your medical expert and know the adequate prescription for your health treatment.

Many medical forums also accessible through smartphone and allow the patient to connect the doctor through chat and talk for a decent time to get clear about the health issues.

What medical issues can I get treated for via telehealth? 

You may connect with the medical expert for any health issue you are facing, but some situations need close attention, diagnosis, or physical examination. In this situation, the doctor would advise you to visit the hospital in person and get the check-up done.

Otherwise, there are certain diseases for which telehealth is in use across the globe. Some of these diseases are Rashes, flu, sinus, infections, mental health counselling, etc.

What exactly do I need to do to connect with the expert virtually? 

If you are not a tech person, you might face difficulty using the actual process for teleconsultation. In this situation, the service representative would help you by guiding the steps to use the service.

When you follow the instruction from the sign up to visiting the doctor’s profile to select the medical expert and then check the availability then, submit your payment and finally connect with the expert.