Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Fields and Their Effects

If there is an invention that swept the world off its feet, that will be cell phone invention. Since its invention back in time, more and more users have embraced the gadgets oblivious of any impending flaws. Currently, the global cellphone subscription stands at a whopping 6.9 billion subscribers. At this rate, almost everyone globally directly or indirectly comes into contact with any of these gadgets.

This has necessitated the further scrutiny into the effects of using these gadgets, and one of the issues that have presented itself time and again is the electromagnetic fields emitted by the phones. Is this a thing to worry about? Is it enough to raise the need for cell phone radiation protection?

A lot of scholars and researchers such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer who have delved into this contentious subject have often concluded that these force fields produced by phones are carcinogenic to users. That is a worrisome conclusion about machines that are now an integral part of our daily operations. To dig further into these findings, cellular phones have been known to transmit radio frequency waves of between 450 to 2700 MHz that range from 0.1 to 2 watts in power.

This in the layman terms suggests that exposure to the radiofrequency waves differ with the distance between the user and the device.Other factors like using these devices away from specific body parts such as the head, using the devices in areas of good network reception and power level in their batteries have been known to impact the level of radiofrequency waves emitted. There is no point at which cellphones stop transmitting radio waves unless they are turned off. This is because they can only communicate by transmitting these waves from one fixed antennae to another.

Dangers of radiofrequency energy;

Radiofrequency radio waves are electromagnetic waves that unlike their ‘cousin waves’ that cause ionizing radiation, for instance, the gamma rays and the X-rays, they do not cause ionization to the human body nor do they break chemical bonds. The body is structured in such a way that it absorbs the radiofrequency energy using the skin and other tissues. In the short run, this leads to a rise in temperatures in the major body organs such as the brain.

This can affect the brain’s electrical energy, blood pressure, sleep, and cognitive functions. In cases of exposure for more extended periods, research has shown a relationship between mobile phone use and brain tumor development. When I say long periods, I mean between 10 to 15 years of continuous cell phone radiofrequency energy exposure.

 As much as the research on the effects of long term mobile phone use has not been concluded, it is safe to suggest that cellphone radiation protection is not such a dumb idea.

The WHO, in its distinct study, through one of its agencies, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, concluded that mobile phone radiofrequency fields potentially pose carcinogenic risks to users.

This alone prompts the need for cellphone radiation protection. It also outlines a few actions that may help in reducing the exposure to this energy. These include; keeping a distance from the mobile gadgets especially during sleeping sessions, using headsets to receive voice calls, adopting texting, switching off Wi-Fi, data and GPS whenever it is not in use, using airplane mode as much as one can and above all, getting an EMF cell phone radiation protection or shield.As we await more study on the subject matter, Cell phone radiation protection seems like the best idea at the moment.