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Matching Chairs To A Live Edge Table


If you’re looking for a distinctive flair to your interior design, one great way to amp up a rustic yet charming look to your home is to invest in live edge furniture. Characterised by furniture that embraces the natural edges of the wood, and its natural holes, cracks and grain features, each piece is wholly unique and crafted for your specific design needs. With live edge furniture, the idea is to create a piece that puts forward the individual beauty of the wood, and this is done by leaving imperfections and the asymmetrical nature of the wood slab largely untouched, and using stains and finishes that showcase the wood’s natural grain and texture. From bedside tables, dressers, to live edge dining tables, this type of furniture gives off an individual look that’s hard to copy, elegant and striking all at once.

However, because of its uniqueness, you may be wondering what kind of chairs go with a live edge dining table. After all, it’s not just sharp, uniform lines that you get with live edge furniture, and you want to make sure that you get something that matches the look and feel of your timber furniture without taking away from its natural beauty. While you can get live edge chairs for your table, if you’re wanting something a little different, it can be daunting to try and match different styles of chairs.

When it comes to finding chairs that suit your live edge table, it may surprise you to find that live edge tables are actually versatile and can match a variety of styles. It really depends on the look that you’re going for as to which style of seating you should consider. 

If you’re wanting a softer look, upholstered chairs that have emphasised soft curves can be a great contrast to the uneven edges of your live edge table. Go for cream colours to add to the soft look.

You can also look at leather chairs with metal or chrome accents to emphasise a contemporary vibe which will suit your table well. Mixing and matching textures and tones can lend a very modern look while still putting your table at the forefront of your dining room design.

If you’re wanting to maximise the rustic look of your furniture, look at worn leather and wood chairs to match with your dining table. Having furniture that looks lived-in and well-loved can really add to the charm of your dining room.

And don’t forget: as with most seating options, it’s important to not only invest in aesthetically-pleasing chairs, but ones that are comfortable, too. Dining tables are places where members of the family, friends, and guests come together to share memories and bond, and that entails spending a fair amount of time seated around the table. So it’s important to consider the ergonomics and comfort levels of your chosen seating as well as how well its design complements your live edge table.