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Know how you are wasting water at your home

Most of the Earth is covered with water, but only 1% is used for drinking purposes. That’s why; no one has given us the right to waste it. We should play our part in conserving freshwater. By doing minor changes in your home like changing the faucets, taking small showers, and turning off the faucet can be a real help.

In case, the leaky pipes or facing plumbing problems can be the reason behind elevating the electricity bill.

How you are wasting the water?

Whether it is faulty plumbing, age-old fixtures, or inefficient appliances, there are many reasons behind the wastage of water every day. Let’s take a brief look at the habits that are a clear indication you are wasting so much water.

  • A toilet is used as a trash can

Toilets are one of the biggest sources behind using water in a large amount. Many people have a habit of flushing out the facial tissues causing gallons of water to flush them.

  • Taking long hours while taking a shower

Think in this way that around 17.2 gallons of water can be wasted upon flushing out the water.

  • Traditional showerheads

It is a better idea to install the low-flow showerhead. It will only use 2 gallons of water every

  • Find out the leaking pipes

According to the reports, the average household activity leads to leaky pipes that can make you waste 10, 000 gallons of water every year. Hence, it becomes very essential to keep a check on the toilets, hose bibs, plumbing fixtures, and faucets.

  • Using running water for cleaning the washing dishes

Despite this, it is advisable to first fill the water in the sink with soap and water. After this, allow the dishes to soak in them and after few minutes wash them off.

  • Using conventional toilets

In case you have an older toilet in your home, it is better to use a newly designed low-flush or make use of a highly efficient toilet.

Calling the home plumbing services

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