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Installing a Tile Backsplash on a Budget

Installing a tile backsplash can save you lots of money since you don’t have to replace water-damaged walls behind your sink. Also, they add style to the space. While you can avail of designer backsplashes, you have the option to make your own attractive backsplash without spending a fortune. The trick is to be flexible in the materials and installation strategy you will use. Here are some tips to create a beautiful backsplash on a tight budget:

Set a Budget Plan

Determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on your backsplash and stick to your budget. Decide the amount based on factors such as the length, width, and layout of the backsplash. Keep in mind that once you shop for tuiles Carreaux Metro, you can easily forget about your budget because of the many beautiful options out there. However, committing to your budget will let you keep the costs down. 

Consider the Tile Cost

 There are many elegant and contemporary options for tile. If you want the most affordable one, go for ceramic tile. If you wish to achieve a classic look, consider natural stone tiles like marble, granite, or travertine; however, you must expect to pay more for these options. Another option is glass tiles which offer a reflective surface and can be a head-turner. Think about adding a faux tin tile backsplash to match stainless steel appliances or countertops.

Consider Tile Size

Generally, the larger tile you use the more expensive it will be. But, big tiles means you will only buy a few of them which will save you money overall. 

Keep Material and Installation Costs in Mind

 In terms of backsplash, you will have to pay for both the material and the installation job. Your expenses include the cost for grout, trowels, and maybe adhesives. Also, you may have to rent a saw for cutting tiles. If you want to save a big chunk of the budget, you can install the tiles yourself if you are an expert at this. If you need to hire somebody to do it for you, consider keeping the design simple since a complicated layout or multiple cuts will increase the cost. 

Pay Attention to the Layout of the Tile

Before you shop for tiles, determine how you plan to install them. Laying the tile in a diagonal pattern can help make the space look bigger; however, it will cost you more because of multiple cuts. You can use more affordable, simpler tiles for most of the backsplash and more expensive ones for a focal point or the trim.