Injured in a car accident in Salem? Hire an attorney!

car crash accident on street. damaged automobiles

Right after a car crash, people often feel too overwhelmed to take a sensible decision. Ideally, the first step is to call the local law enforcement and 911. Reporting any accident in Salem, or anywhere in Oregon for that matter, is necessary, no matter who or what caused the accident. The next immediate step is to seek legal expertise and counsel. Oregon is a fault state, so if the accident happened because of the other driver’s fault, you can file an injury lawsuit seeking compensation. In this post, we are sharing more about hiring a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer

‘Do I really need to hire a personal injury lawyer?’

That’s often the first question that people ask. No, it is not mandatory by law to get a lawyer to file an auto accident claim, or a civil lawsuit. However, car accidents and collisions are often complicated. If you had a share of blame, your eventual settlement will be way lower than expected. Oregon follows the modified comparative negligence rule. In case someone’s fault is more than the other party, they cannot recover anything at all, no matter the circumstances and losses the injured person has incurred. 

An attorney is important because you need to know if you can really file a personal injury lawsuit in the first place. Also, insurance companies have their ways when it comes to dealing with accident claims. Even with minor fault, your claim can be denied, or you may end up getting an offer way less than you deserve. 

How much does a lawyer cost?

Most personal injury attorneys in Oregon work on a contingency fee, if they agree to take the case. In such an arrangement, the lawyer will only ask for a fee, only if they win. The fee is usually a fixed percentage of the final financial settlement, not exceeding 40% in most cases. The good news is lawyers will ensure that you have a fair overview of the case. There could be other costs related to the case, and therefore, ask your attorney if they can help with those. 


Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Salem doesn’t have to be hard, thanks to Google. Websites like Avvo are really handy for sorting choices, and most law firms have a website these days. Meet an attorney in person to know if you can claim compensation after getting injured in a car accident. 

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