Illustrate It: 6 Cartoon Ideas

Have you heard of writer’s block? Unfortunately, cartoonists can suffer from a similar problem.

The concept of a cartoon can be generated by a diverse array of muses. Sometimes, however, inspiration appears nowhere to be found.

Are you an amateur cartoonist or an experienced one in need of inspiration for your comic strip? Here are 6 cartoon ideas to help you welcome in the creative flow!

1. Alter the Color Palettes of Your Existing Style

Since color is a key element of every cartoon, altering your color palette can help you get outside of your comfort zone in a big way.

Enjoy experimenting with different colors and color combinations. Your color choice can connote a certain mood, emotion, or theme in your cartoon. 

Altering the color palette of your normal style unlocks new creative pathways that help you expand your cartooning practices and techniques. Have fun!

2. Change up Your Comic Strip Layouts

Each storyboard scene is adding to your cartoon’s narrative. Storyboarding refers to how you position your cartoon scenes. 

Changing up your normal narrative construction habits leads to new resolutions for your cartoon characters and audience to enjoy. 

It’s easier than ever to create a narrative structure for your comic strip. Rearranging your regular sequence patterns can unlock new storyline ideas.

3. Let Someone Else Come up With Your Cartoon Ideas

There are plenty of resources like this article that offer your inspiration. For cartoon artists who put their emotions into their artwork, this may seem uncomfortable. 

But getting out of your comfort zone is what motivated you to read this article! You know it’s the best way to generate cartoon ideas to draw.

Let someone else be your cartoon ideas generator so that you can focus on developing your other cartoon techniques.

4. Switch Your Focus From Characters to Settings

The stereotypical cartoon design focuses heavily on cartoon characters and character development. 

Try switching your focus to the settings of your cartoons. Your settings give clues into what’s really going on outside of the narrative’s dialogue. 

Honing your setting design skills adds a layer of nuance to your next cartoon series that your loyal fans will appreciate.

5. Work With Different Elements and Timelines

Do your cartoons take place in the present day? How would they look if they were set in the ancient past or sci-fi future?

Playing with the concepts of fantasy, sci-fi, and other genres will help you see your signature style from a new perspective.

6. Draw Your Favorite Cartoons in Your Style

Your signature style is the basis of all 6 techniques. Being resourceful and working with a handy design style helps you create a safe space to light a creative spark.

Take your signature style to new heights by drawing the cartoons that inspired you to become a cartoonist! This is a great way to pay respect to the great cartoonists of the past and present.

Inspiration Is Always Available for You to Illustrate

Now that you are aware of 6 ways to spice up your comic strip routine, what will you create?

Whatever it is, make sure to share it with the world so that you inspire other cartoonists to never give up.

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