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How to plug or seal a roof leak?

Have you noticed that your ceiling has damp stains? Have you not checked your roof in many years? Are you worried about rainy days because drops of water seep in?

In this case, your house most likely has a leak. To solve this problem it is very important to detect the place of the water leak before the condition of the rest of the roof worsens. Or you just need to call Roof repair NJ to fix it.

  1. Detect the water leak
  2. Repair of the leak due to damage to the roof
  3. Mix the materials
  4. Repair a water leak from a shingled roof
  1. Detect the leak

The two main reasons why a water leak can appear are: a roof failure or a water supply pipe failure. To detect it, you simply have to bear in mind that if it rains and drops fall from the ceiling it is because you have a fault there; but if, on the contrary, it does not rain and drops of water fall, it is due to a failure of the internal supply pipe. In this case, you will need to contact a professional.

  1. Repair of the leak due to damage to the roof

Before starting to repair the leak, it is important to have the appropriate clothing to ensure our safety.

Materials :

  • Gloves
  • Stairs
  • Sealer
  • Marmoline
  • Water
  • Cement
  • Brush or broom
  • Waterproofing

Difficulty :

  • Half

Required time:

  • 1 day

Material price

  • From € 50
  1. Mix the materials

First of all, you must mix the sealant, cement and marble together with the water in a container. The quantities of each material will vary depending on the size of the leak to be covered. Once the mixture is ready, with a broom or brush, apply it on the surface of the drip and let it dry for about 12 hours. Repeat for all leaks. If you do it when there is good weather, much better, so you will make the mixture dry faster.

  1. Repair a water leak from a shingled roof

If the leak to be repaired is in a roof that has tiles, the process only varies a little. Once you know the location of the water leak, you should find the broken or detached shingles to fix or replace them. The safest thing is that under the tiles you will discover a crack or fissure, apply a little waterproofing to repair the leak. Next, fix the repaired or new tile with a little cement and you will have your roof as new.

If, after reading these steps, you don’t feel ready to fix your roof leaks on your own. We put you in contact with the best bricklayers in your area. You can contact a professional in Madrid , or an expert in Barcelona or even a bricklayer in Seville . Remember that you can receive up to 4 quotes from the best professionals.

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