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How to Maximise the Space in Your Bedroom

It is possible to make your cramped bedroom look and feel bigger than it actually is. It is also probable that your room looks smaller than its actual size because of poor design and furniture choices. Improve your sleeping area by maximising the available space with the help of the following tips.

Organise your furniture and fixtures

If stand-alone cabinets and wardrobes are the culprits of your bedroom space issue, it is advisable to have built in bedroom cabinets installed. They are an excellent solution for space optimisation. They make use of spaces that are otherwise rendered unusable because of poorly planned or chosen cabinets, furniture, and fixtures. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are particularly great as they can be customised to match the design of the room.

Similarly, there is space under the bed that should be taken advantage of. Cabinets can be built underneath to contain things that may not fit in the drawers or wardrobe. Some things lying on the floor may also be moved below the bed to lessen the clutter.

Another great idea is to have tables or desks installed on the wall instead of having legs on them. This design will result in immovability, but it makes it easy to clean the floor below the leg-less table. It creates wider spaces as your feet will not be hitting desk or table legs on the floor. There will be no covered spaces that can accumulate dust.

Moreover, beds can be made foldable. Some houses have ingeniously designed beds that can be folded into the wall when not in use. The bed tucks into the wall to give more space for movement or other things such as foldable desks. This is especially advisable for those who also use their bedrooms as work-from-home offices.

Use optical illusion

If you have exhausted all physical space saving ideas, you can turn to optical illusion to create the impression of a bigger space. One of the most effective ways to do it is to have the same colours for your walls and ceilings. The visual continuity tricks the mind into thinking that the bedroom space is larger than its real physical dimensions.

Additionally, use long curtains that extend from the ceiling to the floor. This idea works even for waist-level windows. Short curtains tend to cut the wall’s continuity, which results in a perceived division on the walls. This division tends to make wide spaces look smaller, and small bedrooms appear even more cramped.

If the colour and curtain tricks are not enough, you can use the mirror solution. Install a large mirror on your wall and notice the instant boost in your area’s roominess. This is one of the most effective tricks for space improvement using optical illusion. If you don’t believe it, visit a barbershop or salon.

Sure, a real physical addition to the dimensions of your bedroom is ideal. An actual bigger room will always be preferable. However, there are things you can do to optimise a small bedroom’s space. You can use both physical and optical illusion options.