How To Know If Your Waist Trainer Is Too Small Or Too Tight

You’ve probably heard about the power of waist trainers Australia through your friend or through an ad on social media. Not only can it help you trim down your waist — it can also improve your posture and make your workouts more effective.

If you’re planning to invest in one, you have to take note that for you to unlock these amazing benefits, you have to get the proper size. The question is: How do you really know if your prospective waist trainer has the right fit? Read on to find out.

Essential Tips

First and foremost, we’re giving you tips on how to avoid buying a trainer that’s too small for your body size.

Take body measurements accurately. To get your correct waist size, use a fabric or tape measure to measure the smallest part of your waist (usually the diameter you take above your belly button).

Double-check your supplier’s size chart. Refer to the size chart that your supplier has (sometimes, different suppliers use different size charts). Check reviews you can find on their website — and see if you can see a testimonial from someone who has the same body size as yours.

Know that the right garment matters. The type of waist trainer you should buy should also be dependent on your body type. If you’re petite with a short torso, don’t opt for long waist trainers. If you have a long torso, buy something that has more coverage.

Make sure your waist training gear properly. Apart from buying only from a trusted shop, make sure to follow instructions on how to wear your garment properly. Keep in mind that you also have to “break it in” to find a comfortable fit.

How Should a Proper-Fitting Waist Trainer Feel?

When you wear waist trainers Australia, you will know it’s too tight if you can’t pull your waist on the 3rd hook closure. It should not roll over your waist as well.

Additionally, if you’re shaper closes but has a bulge somewhere — you should take a cue that it’s not the proper fit for your body size.

Another important thing to note is that your waist training gear should never interfere with how you breathe.

The Consequences of Waist Trainers that are Too Tight

There’s no doubt how effective waist trainers Australia can be. But as mentioned, you have to make sure that you’ve got the right fit. If you’ll continue to endure a garment that’s too tight — in hopes of speeding up your waist-trimming process — you’ll face consequences that can be really detrimental to your well-being.

First off, with restricted breathing, you’ll feel dizzy because of low levels of oxygen in other parts of your body. And with nausea, you’ll find it challenging to do your everyday tasks.

Too-small waist trainers can also cause your abdominal muscles to weaken. It’s because they’re being prompted to become too dependent on waist trainers. Over time, the use of an ill-fitting waist-training garment can also put too much pressure on your bones — causing them to get reshaped.

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