How to find the best glasses for your personality? 

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Gone are the days when glasses were worn to correct vision! This is the era where glasses are functional accessories making powerful statements about your style and your personality. You don’t believe it? Think of the last movie you watched or the last web-series you binged on, did it feature anyone with spectacles? Now think about what this particular character’s glasses conveyed to you! Did the glasses add an extra layer to the personality of the character?

There, my friend, you have an answer. As the first thing anyone notices about you, glasses are bound to leave an impression on everyone you come across. And that is why choosing the best frames for yourself can take you places!

Now, that we’ve established your taste in glasses can say a lot about you, let’s move on some practical tips that will help you find the frame of your dreams. Forgive me, the frames for your personality!

How would you describe your personality?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself before you go on to rummage through the local eyewear store or browse dozens of online stores in the search of the perfect pair of glasses. Did I forget to mention that a perfect frame doesn’t always exist? Yes, you heard it right. Often the frame you love ends up looking very different from what you thought and you have to find another one. Instead of finding one frame for everywhere, you can always get multiple frames to match your outfits throughout the day.

To aid you in the process, we have made a list of sorts to help you know which frame suits you the best!

The Young Hipster!

If you’re an energetic teen or a lively youngster, the young hipster glasses look may be what you want to go for. You can go with a pair of classic wayfarer glasses, or you may want to buy yourself a pair of horn-rimmed glasses to look young and smart. Wayfarers became popular around the 1950s-60s and they have never gone out of trend since. If you have a round or a diamond face shape, you should try not to end up with a pair of wayfarers because they wouldn’t suit you the best. You can then look for other full-rim glasses and try them! Rectangular and square glasses are great for round face shape, while full-rim geometrics complement a diamond face shape perfectly.

For the bold, creative and artistic side of you

Leopard glasses, tortoiseshell glasses and other patterned frames are great for you if you want something bold and your glasses to speak for themselves! These glasses are usually available in a variety of frame shapes, which means you can easily buy glasses perfect for your face shape. Although these are bold and creative, wearing these glasses should be avoided at places where you want to come across as professional!

Another way to highlight your creative personality is to find frames in different colours, different from the bland hues that most of the people go for! Not only are these frames ideal for expressing your personality, but these frames also help you come across as people who know what they want!

Both of the above options are great if you want to stand out, get the attention you want and most of all come across as someone who loves the creative side of things!

If retro/vintage is your cup of tea

If you have always been a fan of vintage frames and retro-style glasses, you want to opt for round glasses, more commonly known as the ‘Harry Potter glasses’. Worn by greats like John Lennon and Steve, round frames are timeless and never going out of style! Oval glasses are also a fantastic choice from the vintage collection.

If you find round or oval frames giving you problems, you can buy a pair of aviator glasses. Originally designed for use by pilots and military officers, these glasses go well with almost all face shapes!

To keep it professional and minimalistic

Thick black glasses, probably rectangular for men and cat-eye for women, are the go-to choices if you want to look professional. These frames are also wonderful in the sense that they go with almost every outfit and work on every occasion.

Black glasses may be only for teens in your eyes and you may want better options. Fret not, because you can go minimal while being professional with the mighty rimless glasses. A match with every outfit, these are for those who want to keep things simple!

Now that you can also you know which glasses are best for what, you are ready. Ready to style and come across with any personality that you want!

Some other things to consider!

  • Multiple frames are an option! Yes, if you can’t find the perfect frame for everything, it’s good to find a frame fit for every setting.
  • Fake glasses are more than okay. Many psychological studies have found that wearing glasses makes you look smarter and so you can always use it to your advantage. A lot of people already do.
  • Go with frames for your face shape. This means that your frames enhance your features to look better! You can go through online guides if you want to be informed before making a decision.
  • Take a photo while you’re trying. Yes, if you have prescription sunglasses, remember to take photos with the frames you’re trying (whether at an optical store or if you’ve ordered online and are trying at home). This is because you can’t see yourself clearly with a frame that has not been fitted whereas a photo will help you find whether the glasses are the right fit for you!
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