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How to Choose the Best Grass Seed for Your Lawn

Did you know a pristine lawn can add a significant amount of curb appeal to your home? Whether you want to sell your house or you just need your lawn to look good, it is important that you find the best grass seed for it to thrive.

Types of Grass Seed

In general, if you have a lot of shade on your lawn, then you should consider fine fescue. This type of grass grows beautifully but it does not do well for lawn areas with heavy foot traffic. If your lawn is more for presentation, then this could be the best option for you.

Perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass are great options if you need something that holds up well with lots of foot traffic and wear-and-tear. You also need to consider your water budget. Some grasses require much more water than others.

Warm Season or Cool Season

You also need to make your choice based on where you live. If you reside in the northern part of the United States, then you should look for cool season varieties. These include many bluegrass types, which will do well during the winter months when greenery goes dormant.

If you live in the southern portion of the US, then you should opt for warm season grasses. Since the weather does not change very much during the year, you will need a type of grass that does well with humidity and heat.

Consider a Grass Blend

In general, grass tends to be more resilient if you mix different types of seeds together to form a grass blend. You may also need to plant different types of quality grass seed in the same area.

For instance, if part of your lawn is shaded from large trees, a fescue variety will work well there. Using a bluegrass seed will be better for areas that get lots of sun exposure throughout the year.

Lawn Use and Maintenance

One big factor in finding the best seed for a lawn is how much you use your grass. You may want to go for a more sturdy type of grass seed if you have children who use the lawn frequently.

You should also think about the amount of maintenance that your lawn needs. If you do not have time every week to care for your new lawn, then you may want to hire lawn care services such as https://rdslawncare.com/.

Find the Best Grass Seed Today

If you want the perfect grass seed to grow a new lawn, you should not have to worry about making the right choice. With this handy guide, you can pick out the best grass seed for your situation.

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