How to Choose Between Different Types of Lawyers


Over 50% of Americans polled by the World Justice Project said they had experienced a legal problem within the last two years.

These Americans didn’t know the attorneys to approach for legal counsel. Most argue that all lawyers are the same, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Choosing the wrong type of attorney will only hurt your legal issue.

Keep reading to learn how to choose between different types of lawyers.

Understand How Different Types of Lawyers Operates

Although all lawyers go to the same law schools, they specialize in specific niches once they graduate. The goal is to gain in-depth knowledge in a given law area to offer their clients superior legal services.

Here are some of the most common types of attorneys.

Personal Injury Attorneys 

These lawyers represent people who have suffered injuries due to another party’s negligence. Their role is to help their clients know the value of their claims and fight for fair compensation. A car accident lawyer is one of the attorneys in this category, representing auto accident victims.

Family Lawyers 

These attorneys specialize in family law and handle issues such as divorce, prenuptial agreements, and child custody. Family issues are sensitive, and choosing a compassionate family attorney is necessary. You want a lawyer who understands your pain and offers emotional support.

Criminal Lawyers 

These attorneys represent people facing criminal allegations such as DUI, drug trafficking, and robbery. Most people assume that only guilty “criminals” hire these attorneys, yet this isn’t the case. Anyone facing any criminal allegation should hire a lawyer to represent them.

Your lawyer will protect you from police and prosecutor intimidation. Also, they come up with a solid defense to ensure you get a fair court ruling.

Review Level of Experience

After graduating from law school, most lawyers test their abilities in different law areas. It’s a mistake to hire these attorneys as they’re yet to find their footing. Your best bet is to hire a lawyer who has been practicing law in a field such as family law for years.

You want to leverage this attorney experience in this legal area to get a favorable outcome.

Check Track Record

To decide which lawyer to hire in a given law field, check the track record. You want to review how a given lawyer handled past cases. Your goal is to choose a highly successful attorney who delivers top-class services.

Choose the Right Type of Lawyer to Enjoy Reliable Legal Services

When facing a legal issue, it’s paramount that you know the right type of lawyer to hire. Rely on the above tips to learn to choose between different types of lawyers. So, check an attorney’s legal practice area before hiring them.

Also, find out how long a lawyer has been practicing law in a given area. Finally, review the attorney’s track record to decide if they’re the right fit for your legal matter.

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