How Ready Are You to Hit the Road?

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It’s important to be ready to hit the road at any time. Being prompt to assist accident sites or roadside emergencies is important in keeping other drivers safe and in minimizing traffic congestion. As the driver, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself alert and ready when such situations arise. But even when crisis seems at bay, it’s always best to be prepared. Anything can happen, even when you’re on the road.

Get to where you should be when you need to be. Be efficient and prepared to prevent unwanted situations beforehand. Here are some things you put on your list as you perform your tow truck’s routine checkup for the day.

Be Familiar with Alternative Routes

Knowing your destination is one thing, but getting there is another story. It’s almost impossible not to get into traffic. In some situations, time is crucial, so getting on-site as soon as you can is ideal. Familiarize yourself with the roads in your area. Plot out the best roads to take at certain times of the day. If there are any, take note of secondary routes you can take as a contingency. This can help you avoid the traffic and get to where you need to be ASAP. In any case, it does help to have LED light bars installed on your tow truck, as these will be highly beneficial in all situations, especially at night and during heavy rains. This signals other drivers to give you a little space to get your job done, and ultimately, helping them by easing any traffic.

Pack a First Aid Kit

Bringing a first aid kit is crucial. Fixing and dealing with tools will more often than not require you to get down and dirty. Being a driver isn’t strictly just about driving; sometimes, the work you do can get laborious. You may have to lift heavy weight here and there, especially when dealing with cargo. You could get a scratch or two from it, so you never know when a first aid kit comes in handy.

Don’t Forget Your Tools

Always check whether your tools are in the vehicle. They’re a basic necessity that could save you in complicated situations. Gloves, flashlights, some wrenches, screwdrivers, and more are tools every driver should have with them on the road. One of the most common vehicle mishaps on the road is a busted tire. As a tow truck service provider, you need to be prepared to assist drivers in these scenarios. In fact, the results of one survey determined that 1 in 5 drivers don’t actually know how to change their tires.

Prepare Your Documents

Before you hit the road, always have your documents with you. 

When responding to accident sites, they might require you to show some documentation and proof of affiliation with your company. These documents must include your license, company ID, car insurance, and registration. It may come off as a hassle when all you’re trying to do there is do your job. It’s important to remember that this is not just for compliance but for your protection too. Don’t become complacent. 

Keep Your Lines Open

In your line of work, responding weighs a heavy part of the job. Communication is fundamental in this regard. Loss of correspondence in times of emergencies can be dangerous. Knowing the severity of the situation and relaying it to the right party is important, as this serves as an extra precaution. With that said, keep your phone, radio, or any other system you use open for easy communication and coordination with your team. Receive instructions clearly and quickly for your benefit and most especially for those in need.

Prepare and Inspect Your Vehicle

Every driver knows that before every trip, a general inspection should be done. Although all vehicles are recommended to have a routine inspection and maintenance, doing this more often is advisable. Problems you initially weren’t aware of could be discovered during these daily or weekly checkups. Some important things to check out are worn-down tires, brakes, leaks, and more. If anything seems amiss, perform the necessary repairs and enhancements. Take care of your vehicle so that you can efficiently get your job done.

The Takeaway

Anything can happen on the road. When unfortunate things do happen, it’s your job to show up for those who need your help. But before you cater to others, make sure your vehicle is ready first. Even when on the job, you have to ensure that you’re safe and prepared before you assist others. Equip yourself with the tools and resources you need to be of better service. 

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