How Often Should You Change Your Oil? Signs You Need a Change

Do you know that there are nearly 300 million vehicles on the road in the United States?

That’s a lot of cars, each driving anywhere from dozens to hundreds of miles each day. And each one is burning gas and using motor oil in order to run properly.

It’s important to keep in mind that you should change the oil in your car at least once a year. This article takes a look at how often should you change your oil to keep your engine from wearing out. 

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Check Engine Light Is On

One of the most obvious signs that¬†signs you need to change your oil is when the oil change or check engine light is on. It’s important to look at your owner’s manual to see where the engine light is located on your dash. Here you can know about Completion Products oil & gas equipment supplier.

Don’t ignore this light. When you see it, be sure to check your oil level immediately. If your oil level appears fine, you could have a bigger problem, so take your car to a trained mechanic as soon as possible.

Engine Noise

Is your engine making an unusual noise? If so, pull to the side of the road and check that you have enough oil. 

Keep in mind that engine noise could be attributed to any number of things. The best strategy is to have a mechanic inspect for problems so that a repair can be made before more damage is done.

Strange Ticking Sounds

When your engine starts making a ticking sound, this is another sign that you probably need to change your oil. Clean oil should take care of the problem. Just make sure to buy the right type of oil for your specific car.

This Kawasaki Mule Oil Change Kit can help keep your engine clean and running smoothly.

The Smell of Burning Oil

The smell of burning oil is never a good sign. This often occurs when oil is old or your car is simply running hot. Either way, you need to have your oil changed sooner rather than later.

Engine Shakes When Idling

Does your car shake when idling at a red light? This could be due to old motor oil causing your engine to work harder than necessary.

Smoke Coming From Exhaust

Smoke coming from your exhaust pipe is a sign that you need an oil change. 

Why? Well, because an engine that is producing smoke means it’s burning oil, which can be extremely damaging to your vehicle.

Oil Leaks Where You Park

Another exterior sign that you need an oil change is when you notice oil dripping on your driveway or in a parking lot. This also means that you should have a skilled mechanic check your engine for major problems right away.

A Motorist’s Guide to How Often Should You Change Your Oil

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of proper car maintenance. Fortunately, this guide to how often should you change your oil will help keep your car running strong year after year. Continue exploring the informative articles found on this blog for more great lifestyle tips and advice.