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How Does the Tree Removal Process Work

North Sydney is considered a haven for young professionals because of the lower cost of real properties compared to the central business district, as well as its proximity downtown. Since it is a fast-growing commercial district, there are plenty of job opportunities for graduates and workers in transition.

The neighbourhood is not yet as crowded compared to the central business district. You can still see a lot of green spaces and mature trees that dot the landscape and seascape. For public lands and parks, the North Sydney Council has a team of arborists to make sure the trees and plants are healthy and thriving.

For owners of private dwellings and commercial establishments, they need to hire professionals to take care of their trees and vegetation. However, if you are looking to hire somebody for tree removal in North Shore in Sydney, you cannot just hire labourers to do the job.

But how do they go about removing the tree from your property? If you are wondering about the entire process, read on:

  1. Once they receive the SOS, the tree removal company will send an arborist or tree preservation officer to inspect and assess the tree in question. The process may take several minutes to an hour or more, depending on the complexity of the task. The qualified arborist, which must have at least an AQF Level 3 certification, will then examine for cracks, diseases, decays, or any other signs that may compromise the structure and stability.
  2. The arborist will then develop a plan of action. It is not simply about removing the tree but doing so effectively and safely. For instance, in some projects, they will cut from the top-down. But brittle branches and the decaying trunk will make the assignment more dangerous, so using a bucket truck might be the more viable solution.
  3. Prepare a risk prevention plan. The arborist is also responsible for the safety of the crew and the clients. The main objective is to complete the job without causing harm to anybody. He will recommend what gear and machines to use, how many workers should be involved, determine proximities to power lines and other potential danger, etc.
  4. Prepare the site. Once the arborist already committed the plan on paper, it is time to put it into action. Site preparation also involves the exit strategy, which means how to take away the resulting waste while removing the dead tree from your property. It also includes making sure that the structures within the property would not be at risk during the tree removal process.
  5. The arborist will climb the trunk using a harness and spurs and proceed to dissect the branches with surgical precision. It is a very dangerous process because missing the mark will cause the trunk to wobble dangerously against the wind. It is the reason why they do not cut all the branches at once. After the branches, the arborist will cut segments of the trunk starting from above the harness loop. He works his way down until he reaches the ground.

The Tree and Vegetation Management policy of the North Sydney Council, which manages and supervises developments in the suburb, recommends to residents and business owners to hire qualified arborists for tree removal in North Shore in Sydney.

Arborists are sometimes called glorified tree trimmers, which is simply not the case. They received ample training to develop a strategic plan that will preserve the tree or make it healthy. More importantly, the arborist also protects everyone from harm during the tree removal process.