Home Improvement

How Do You Modernise Stairs?

Whether you’ve had your property for a while now, or you’re acquiring a home with dated interior design, it can be daunting to think of updating the overall styling to suit your tastes. There’s a lot that goes into modernising an old home. 

However, if the house has a second floor, there’s another part that you need to consider: the stairs. Often, stairs can make or break the look of a room if it is not cohesive with the rest of the interior design. Putting them on your priority list for what you need to modernise in your property can really make the difference between a clash of interior design ideas and a cohesive, elegant look. 

Below, 10 tips on how to make your home impressive with modern timber stairs.

1. Remove The Carpet

Often, in older properties, you’ll find that carpeted stairs reveal a gem underneath: stairs made of wood! Removing the carpet lessens the risk of allergens and dust accumulating in the home, it also provides you with a great, workable foundation to then update. Staining and polishing can do wonders to modernise the look of your stairs!

2. Upgrade The Handrails (Cable railings)

Go for updated handrails and replace your old ones. Chunky rails are out, and streamlined, barely-there railings are in. Think cable railings, for example, which give off the illusion of space and elegance. 

3. Add A Feature Wall Next To The Stairs

There’s room for improvement on the wall next to your stairs: whether you change the colour, wallpaper, or put up some contemporary pictures or wall decals, it’s a great idea to modernise stairs without spending too much.

4. Invest In Storage Space

Stairs with storage underneath have become popular nowadays, and for good reason: making use of available space for functional storage is a great way to keep your home design up to date.

5. Floating Stairs

Stairs can’t get any more modern than when they’re floating stairs! Minimalist and simple, you’ll have functionally beautiful stairs that go well with any modern styling.

6. Tiled Stairs

Tile cladding can provide a Spanish influence into your interior design, providing an easy to clean yet striking look for any time of the year.

7. Make Sure To Check The Latest Trends

Look through the latest trends on search engines and home improvement magazines to gather some inspiration for updating your home design. Often, you’ll find ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of but would go well with the look that you’re wishing to achieve!

8. Quality is Key

After completely overhauling your stairs? Remember that getting high quality materials such as timber will serve you well for the years to come: long-wearing and easy to clean, you’ll get a beautiful staircase that is great value for your hard-earned money.

9. Glass Can Illuminate

Use glass to play with natural light with your stairs: not only does it give off an airy and light feeling, but it also provides a cool, modern look that’s hard to replicate.

10. Go With the Best Melbourne Timber Stairs Installers

Perhaps the most important, consult with reputable stairs installers if you want your stairs to be modern, functional, and elegantly beautiful, too.