How do mice enter homes?

Usually, people begin asking themselves, “How do mice actually enter peoples’ homes?” only after the mice invasion is already a fact, or when a professional mice control asks them to try and seal the house as carefully as possible.

Anyway, it Is never too late to learn how to protect yourself from future intruders. Today we will sum up the primary entrances to keep in mind when you want to secure your home against mice and rats. 


Because knowing your enemy is a fine thing, to begin with before the battle. 

Cracks in the walls

First and foremost – your walls need to be perfectly firm and without any holes, no matter how tiny and harmless they may appear to you. Brickwork, concrete, or panel walls – all of them need to be annually checked for cracks, holes, openings, or breaks. These are the perfect entry points for rodents and usually the reason #1 for mice infestations. 

Gaps in the floors, ceilings, and foundations

Checking your walls is, unfortunately, far from enough. Little gaps in the floors, ceilings, and foundations of your home are also capable of causing you a lot of rodent trouble. A couple of broken tiles on your rooftop? You will need to check that out. That tiny breach under the gate of your indoor self-parking? Bad news again! Put simply – do not underestimate the creativity of mice when it comes to penetrating ridiculously small spaces. 

Sewer lines, plumbing, and pipes

If sewerage pipes are not adequately sealed, mice may succeed in entering your home through the sink or even the bathtub drains. As terrible as this sounds, professional prophylaxis of the pipes once a year will eliminate that risk. 

Gas lines

Where there is a crack, there might also be mice. Gas lines make no exception. If you’ve desperately been trying to find the intruders’ entry point, don’t forget to check your gas installation for breaks and risky areas. Professional mice control will happily help you confirm that.

Open windows and shutters

Mice are excellent climbers, so leaving your window open at night might play a bad joke for you. The risk of mice entering through the windows increases in the following cases:

  • There is a tall tree, long tree branches, or bushes very close to the window opening;
  • You are living on the ground floor or the first floor of a building.

…And more!

As all of the above don’t sound bad enough, right? Some other, more exotic places where mice can enter your home from include:

  • Your chimney
  • Your dryer vents
  • Your toilet (rats do this more often though)
  • Your air conditioner
  • And more

When facing a mice infestation or simply craving to receive thoughtful advice on mice prevention, you can always call professional pest control Croydon and handle the situation like a boss. 

Certified mice control experts will give you all the proper guidance and support – because doing it by yourself doesn’t necessarily mean doing it well. 


Hemant Kumar
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