How Do Car Storage Bubbles Work?

High-end automobiles represent a significant investment, which is why people spend money on premium accessories such as a custom sun shade for car or truck use. While a garage is the best place to keep any vehicle safe from the elements, how can you bump the protection up to the next level? One popular way for collectors and enthusiasts to maintain a vehicle’s pristine condition is an indoor car storage bubble. Here’s a look at how these upscale ride savers work and some of the benefits of storing your autos inside bubbles.

Deploying the Bubble

Before purchasing a bubble, it’s important to understand that they’re only suitable for indoor use. If you don’t have garage space, use custom outdoor car covers to protect your automobiles. Once you’re ready to put your car in storage, setup can be done in four easy steps:

  1. Unroll the bubble and unfold the top away from the bottom.
  2. Park your vehicle on the dead center of the bubble’s bottom piece.
  3. Drape the top piece over the auto and zip it closed.
  4. Use the fan to inflate the bubble.

Now you know how car storage bubbles work, here’s a look at why they’re the choice for vehicle owners who want to keep their showpieces pristine.

Protection From Impacts

While the great outdoors is where a vehicle is most likely to experience impact damage, objects can still affect an indoor car. If you park beneath a wall shelf or overhead garage storage system, an accidental collapse could have a significant effect on your car’s exterior. A bubble storage system is made from a thick piece of transparent PVC with a cushion of air to provide shock absorption. With that much shielding, you could drop a 5-pound weight on the automobile and it would bounce off.

Barrier Against Liquids

Garages are full of chemicals, and many of them come in liquid form. It doesn’t take a large leak of a corrosive material to completely ruin your car’s finish or cause rust. The car capsule is completely impervious to oil, gasoline and any other fluids that could come into contact with your vehicle.

Consistent Environmental Conditions

Humidity can be an enemy to your car’s exterior, which is why so many car collectors live in dry climates. A car bubble uses a high-pressure fan, which completely changes the air inside the capsule four times per hour. With no stagnation on the interior, moisture doesn’t have the opportunity to take hold and condense on the surface. The constant air refreshment also maintains a consistent temperature with the surrounding atmosphere.

Cheaper Than a Storage Unit

You can get many of the benefits that come with a car bubble from a professional vehicular storage unit, but you’ll pay a significant monthly fee for that protection. Not only does this option save money, but you’ll also get to look at your vehicle instead of visiting it at an off-site location.

Protect Your Car the Right Way

If you’re looking for the best way to store your prized cars, few options offer the benefits and flexibility of an inflatable bubble. No matter which model you choose, make sure it comes from a trusted auto accessory retailer.