How Dirty Floors Could Be Hurting Your Business

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It is safe to say that most of us usually ignore what is beneath our feet.  This is common in both our business and residential premises. While cleaning, a lot of people tend to give floors less attention compared to other parts of the room, such as the windows.

However, that shouldn’t be the case.  All types of floors are affected by dust, dirt, and debris. In fact, everything that is not appropriately discarded ends up on the floor. While this may seem like a minor issue, the effects of having dirty floors can be devastating to your business in various ways.

Let us take a close look at some of the ways dirty floors can hurt your business.

Dirty Floors Damage Your Brand Image

As a business, you probably have a brand that you must always protect. Unfortunately, it only takes something as small as having dirty floors to ruin your image and reputation.

Keep in mind that your staff members are not the only people who suffer the dire consequences of a dirty floor. Other stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, and potential business partners who may come to your business, won’t be impressed with an untidy office.

Dirty floors will make them have a bad perception about your business, and the worst may happen if they leave your premises with communicable diseases.

Affects Employee Health

The truth is that a majority of business buildings experience a significant amount of traffic throughout the day. This means that your floors are covered in dirt, bacteria, and germs that these people bring in with them.

If you don’t hire a restaurant cleaning service to clean the floors regularly to the highest possible standards, germs will thrive, and your staff members will be the first people to suffer.

When your employees start falling sick and taking sick days off, productivity dwindles, resulting in significant loss of revenue.

Compromised Air Quality

The overall air quality in your business premises can significantly influence your employees’ productivity and health. Investing in a high-quality air filtration system is essential since indoors are prone to airborne pollutants than outdoors.

Having a few indoor plants inside the office can also help in providing your employees with clean oxygen.

However, the benefits of investing in quality filtration systems and indoor plants may not be fully realized if you don’t clean your floors every day. Make sure you hire a restaurant cleaning service to save your staff members from potential burn out and preventable infections.

Dirt and Dust Damage Your Floors

Imagine using a sandpaper to scrub your working desk a few minutes every day.  After some time, you’ll notice that the abrasions on the desk become deeper and more pronounced.

The same thing happens when you leave dirt on your floors for a long time. Heavy traffic on a dirty floor may easily result in severe damage, causing significant losses. Uncleaned debris tracked across your office floor on people’s shoes can cause additional damage.

Reduced Productivity

It is quite obvious that unhealthy employees are far less productive. They don’t have the morale and energy to work to the best of their abilities. For example, if they get sick and have to attend to their medical emergencies, your company will be deprived of the much-needed workforce.

With a significant number of your employees falling sick, you will start spending most of your time and resources in taking care of and treating your staff members.

But, with clean floors, you can keep your employees healthy and channel the resources towards running the company other than paying hospital bills.

Staff members who are more concerned about their health also tend to pay less attention to their core responsibilities and end up being less productive.