How can Instagram marketing help the newbies to get on the top?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world and all the top companies around the world have been using Instagram widely for promoting, entertaining, and educating the audience. Instagram has almost more than 10 billion visits every month and thus it offers a great opportunity for the newbies to enhance their brand awareness among their probable customers. All that the newbies need to do is to upload their commercial videos or images or any type of post on their Instagram account. But just uploading a video or image or post on an Instagram account is not enough to get more followers you need to implement some strategies that will help the newbies to get more followers on Instagram.  Visit Fameoninsta website to get more information.

Factors you need to consider for getting more subscribers on Instagram

While you want to increase your followers on your Instagram account you have to follow major factors that help in optimizing the rank of the video of the newbie’s sites as well as help them to get real Instagram subscribers and Hashtags on Social Media. These two factors are:

  • Video Content factor
  • User Engagement factor

Let us discuss these two factors in-depth:

Video Content factor

In every Instagram video search engine optimization, video content is considered to be the main foundation. The following are some basic factors that need to be maintained for optimizing the video content on Instagram:

    • Title: One of the most important factors that you need to consider is the Title of the Instagram video. The title of an Instagram video will highly affect the Click-through rate (CTR) and it holds a very important place on the Search Results Page (SRP) of Instagram.
  • Description: Instagram description is a place where the description of the video is written. Generally, you are allowed to put 300-500 words in the description section of Instagram. While writing the description it is always advisable to place the keyword but it should be done very intelligently. This process will certainly help you to increase the ranking of Instagram. Once the ranking of your Instagram account is optimized it will automatically increase your Instagram subscribers.
  • Tags: Tags also play an important role in getting more subscribers and it is always recommended to put at least 10 relevant tags. Apart from that, you should also insert the keywords in the tags. However, you have to make sure that the keyword which you have placed is relevant to the Instagram video.
  • Transcription: Videos are automatically transcribed on Instagram. But the problem occurs when you place the Instagram video horribly. As such you have to make sure that the transcriptions are done properly way.
  • Channel Authority: Adding the word channel in the Instagram video makes it easier for the user for searching the videos. When the user will put the word channel in the Google Search Engine you have a huge chance that your videos pop up in the search engine since Google mainly uses Channel’s authority for individual video ranking.
  • Content Delivery: Another very important role in optimizing the video is its content. Content is the king of any video and thus the content you have uploaded in the video should be of excellent quality. If the content of the video is of poor quality then the user will not watch your video. 

User Engagement factor

The next important factor for optimizing the ranking of Instagram is the user engagement factor. The following are some user engagement factors that must be taken care of while marketing  with the Instagram account:

  • Views: Views certainly play a great role in optimizing the Instagram video since it helps in measuring the quality of Instagram videos. If the viewers watched the video of the newbies completely then you must know that the quality of the Instagram video has become good. Thus when the quality of the video will be good more and more viewers will watch the video. Hence views determine the quality of the video.  
  • Inbound links: The inbound links are also used for rank optimization on Instagram. The inbound linking consequently affects the SERP ranking in the Google Search Engine. Inbound linking will not only increase the views but it also helps in boosting the credibility among all the people. You can click here for more.
  • Social Shares: It is also a great idea to share your Instagram videos through other Social Media networks. Whenever you share the Instagram videos or images or post on other social networking sites it will track the shares as social signals. This will optimize the ranking of Instagram and also help to get more subscribers. 
  • Comment/Feedbacks: Another important factor that also plays a great role in optimizing the Instagram video is the viewer’s comments and feedback. The comment and feedback of the viewer will also help you to increase Instagram subscribers. Thus commenting back to the viewer’s response is very essential in Instagram marketing which in turn will help to optimize the video.

Thus, if you are a newbie and follow the above-mentioned strategies then you will easily optimize your Instagram videos and get more subscribers.