Hotel Lobby Decor Ideas

Hotel lobbies around the world are decorated to reflect the culture and the feel of the hotel itself. The decor can be mid-century, modern, and art deco. Hotel lobby decoration companies try to figure out what the hotel wants to look like and then styles around that look.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

The look of the lobby is modern. It has clean lines. The chairs are elegant, while the couch is homey. The skylights give natural light. There are pops of color with light blue couches, wood on floors and tables, and green plants.

The Lola Hotel NYC

The light fixture is modern. The room has dark tones and dark woodwork. It has a sophisticated look. There is a unique and elegant design in the mirror.

Yoo Panama

This room is very simplistic. It has a classic look to the furniture. They use a touch of color with the rug and bear statues.

Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait

The light fixtures are elegant and industrial. It is minimalistic with the lack of furnishings except for the front desk. The wood look of the desk is rustic in feel. It has an archway that holds a pop of color.

The Jaffa

The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. There is a pop of color with the chairs. The stone wall brings a touch of rustic.

Emiliano Rio

This room is artsy with the picture and the light fixture. The room has a modern feel. They added accents of brown and green.

Healing Stay Kosmos

This entryway is minimalistic. They lined the wall with greenery to give a touch of nature

Hotel Monville

This industrial by using black poles and original ceilings. The wood accents bring warmth. It has an artsy feel to it.

Le Relais de Chambord

One of the hotel lobby decoration companies named Wilmotte & Associes really put together an exciting room. There is an industrial look to the light fixtures. The bookshelves have a homey feel. The decorations on the walls and the top of the bookshelves give it a rustic feel.

The Adolphus Hotel

The furnishings are mid-century. It gives a regal feeling. The wood has a warm rich tone.

Serafina Beach Hotel

This lobby feels like you are in the water with the colors used for the walls and the furniture. It has a calm and soothing feeling.

The Kitz

The emerald green stucco evokes the feeling of being outside. The wall covering carries out the theme. The color of the furniture lends to that feeling.

Room Mate Emir Hotel

It has touches of industrial with brickwork and metal. It showcases both old and new.

Gowanus Inn and Yard

This is homey with the furniture pieces. It is a clean look with a touch of modern. They use a pop of color to draw your eyes.

Publica Isrotel

This room is eclectic because it mixes styles. It has a modern look with clean lines. There is a touch of industrial.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park

Out of different lobby decoration companies the Inc Architecture and Design, Marvel Architects, and Michael van Valkenburgh Associates did an excellent job. It is cozy and nature-inspired. It has a sustainable design due to the greenery and that the walls are concrete. It has wood features in some furniture.

In conclusion, there are a lot of hotels and each has its own features. This article shows a few and explains things about them that make them spectacular. So if you are traveling and you stay at a hotel, take a look around. You may be surprised.