Hiring the right HOA management company in Phoenix

Managing a homeowner’s association can be a herculean task. Board of directors and volunteers are typically residents, who are trying their best to navigate through laws governing HOAs and other relevant aspects related to operations and maintenance. Many communities and HOAs in Arizona are now turning to professional agencies and management companies for their needs. There are a bunch of Phoenix HOA management companies, which work for clients in a customized manner, enhancing the life in these communities. If your association is looking for an HOA management service, here are some aspects to consider. 

  1. Services offered. The first aspect is to obviously consider the services offered by an HOA management company. Some companies have a fixed pool of services, and they may not be able to align their expertise with the needs of an association. When an HOA management service or agency takes over, they should be able to handle everything, including finances and operations. 
  2. Deployment of technology. Gone are times when HOAs had to deal with bills, paperwork and payments manually. Today, many HOA management companies work on deploying systems that track bills and due expenditures, allowing easy payments. Also, the data is accessible to the board, as and when needed. How a company deploys tech for an association is worth considering. There are also other tech options, including client portals, which allows association members to keep an eye on all relevant aspects related to finances and management of the HOA. 
  3. Experience. Not all companies that claim to specialize in HOA management have the experience, or expertise, to handle the needs of clients. It is important to know simple things like the work profile and the clientele of the company. Questions that can be asked include – 
  1. How long have you been working as an HOA management service in Phoenix?
  2. Who are your regular clients?
  3. Will you assign a dedicated team for management of our HOA?
  4. Can you share a few references?
  5. Will you help us with vendors, contractors, and legal counsel, as needed?

Make it a point to check the reviews of HOA management companies in AZ before choosing one. The best agency or service is the one that adds a human touch to HOA management, while automating what’s possible and using technology for fairness and transparency. With dedicated managers, it would be easier for the board to seek reports and check the performance of their HOA. For residents, this automatically translates into better services.